John rapping me continues  

angeldickfuck 43M
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8/27/2006 3:04 am
John rapping me continues

John rapping me continues
Hope u guys remember the incident of john with his friends.
I left it incomplete.
So I just thought I will complete it and that oo in short.

Dont mind but detail description will not be possible.

So john asked me to suck strangers. i somehow managed to compete that thing but not untill I was handeled roughly by the group of school boys whom I was forced to suck. 5 bjs and I was like puking on myself all around.

Somehow i collected myself and ran inside to see kiya's condition and was shocked.

Kiya was alredy nude.

4 Boys were all on her. naked dicks on her legs, breasts, pussy and all over her. Rest of the boys were filming her. John was waiting for me with his two friends and as soon as I entered the house they all grabbed me. They forced me to go near kiya and lick her off. Not only her pussy which was flowing with cum of those boys but also her ass.

While I was doing this, my every hole was filled with a dick and I was in deep pain. Though the pain, I was ashamed to feel wetness flowing from my cum dripping dirty pussy.

This way We both were fucked fro around 2 hours by all of them repeatedly. This was a bad day.
They left us naked in our house while going.

I must admit that though this was a I cummed countless times.
And so did Kiya!

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