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John me

John me
I went to take a bath on the first floor's bathroom.
I slowly slip off my clothes and untied my hair, letting it fall on my shoulder. I started admiring my nude body in the mirror. My whitish breasts rested on my body and my large brown nipples were hardening. The entirely area around my pussy was covered in a dense patch of black public hair. I turned on the tap and let the warm water flow down my body, wetting my public hair. I have just finished shampooing my hair when I heard some noise at the front gate. I ignored them, thinking that they were nothing special. I started washing my body with soap when I thought I heard the front door being unlocked. I wanted to go out and see but my hair was full of shampoo and there was a thick layer of soap on my body. I shouted to see who was there but there was no reply.

Suddenly, the bathroom�s door was kicked opened and I saw three teenagers rushing in. Before I could scream, they grabbed me and covered my mouth and dragged me out of the bathroom. As my body was covered with soap and very slippery, I exerted my full strength and easily broke free from them.

I dashed towards the living room, which is linked to the front door, in an attempt to escape as they chased me from behind. My soap-covered breasts bounced up and down as I ran. As soon as I stepped into the living room, a heavy slap struck me and I lose my balance, falling to the ground. I was still in a daze when someone dragged me by my hair across the living room. I regained my senses and wanted to shout for help but an icy cold metal was pressed against my neck. It was a knife! My face immediately turned white as the person holding the knife called me a bitch and warned me not to do anything funny. Who was this guy? I kept thinking to myself as I look around me. There were five to six teenagers in the living room, all unfamiliar to me. They were moving the furniture to one corner of the room. Suddenly, I saw someone familiar, someone that I know wearing blues shirt and black pants. It was John! I shouted for him and was rewarded with a tight slap. He heard me and walked beside me. I asked who are these people and he gave an icy reply that they were his friends. He coldly explained that his friends wanted to know us after watching his videotape. My whole heart sank. John has actually given those tapes to his friends and now they are here for us. I shivered and my eyes watered as John stared at my nude and soap-covered body lustfully. I realized that I was completely nude in front of so many people and my face went red. I tried to cover up my exposed breasts with my hands and tighten my legs. John saw what I was doing and gave a sly laugh. I could see him rubbing his manhood and prayed that someone would help me.

Suddenly I heard footsteps and knew that someone was coming down the stairs. It struck me that Kiya was still upstairs. The footsteps came nearer and nearer and I saw Kiya coming into the living room. She was already wearing her uniform, a dark blue blouse and a dark blue skirt at knee level and a pair of white shoes with ankle socks. she looked really cute. She stood there like a cute angel as she saw her me nude soap-covered, with so many strangers. Before she knew what was going on, one of the teenagers carries her up and dumped her beside me. She looked at me fearfully. They kept staring at us with lust and I could see the bulge in their pants. The doorbell rang and for a moment I thought help had arrived. My hopes were dashed when I saw more guys entering the house. i saw videocam. They started setting up the camera. They finished all these and I could feel my heart beating faster, thinking about what they were going to do.

They gathered in the living room and I counted eleven guys, all around John�s age. The knife was removed and I try my best to cover my nude body by curling up in a bundle, knowing that I was being filmed. I could see that they were all erected and sweating profusely. They all started undressed and I feared the worst. Eleven nude sweaty bodies were surrounding me, with their large manhood fully erected. Kiya starting crying as she knew what was happening.
They all stood rooted to the ground, thinking about what to do with us. John was the first to speak. He suggests taking a bath with me together and the guys cheered. I gave a loud no as an answer. Although I was soap covered and feeling very sticky, I was not going to do it. I begged John to let us off on the account of our relationship but he only smiled. He gives me two choices. The first one was to follow their orders and be their slut or they will both Kiya and me by force. I looked at my innocent Kiya and could only agree to the first one with tears in my eyes.

Kiya was bounded and gagged on the floor and I could see her crying as I followed them upstairs to the bathroom. I went into the bathroom and four to five guys followed while the rest waited outside. I know that all this was being recorded. They turned on the cam and started bathing without even closing the door. The bathroom was crowded and I felt hands fondling my breasts, sometimes pinching my nipples making me yapped in pain. They were caressing my body more than bathing and I was really embarrassed. They forced me to wash their hairy manhood and their balls with my hands and it was really humiliating. They washed soap up my cunt and anus, giving me a burning sensation Suddenly, someone pushed me onto the floor and pinned me there. I try to get up but more hands pinned me down. They forced my hips up and spread my legs wide, leaving my cunt opened in the air. John was standing right in front of my pussy with his erected manhood and for a while I thought I was going to get . I closed my eyes and prepared for worst.

After bathing, they dragged me down to the living room. Kiya gave a soft cry when she saw me. They gave me a big loose T-shirt and told me what I was going to do. I was supposed to wear only this T-shirt and seduced passer-by as they filmed me from the balcony. It was already eight in the morning and I knew that the neighbors were awake. I shook my head and refused, as I did not want to get seen by the neighbors. John untied Kiya and licked her face slowly. He told me coldly that they will be watching me and if I went to get help from the passer-by, they will and kill Kiya. He also told me to behave like a slut and have sex with the passer-by. I half-heartedly agree as they carried Kiya upstairs. I slipped on the loose T-shirt and found the collar was very large and my breasts will be exposed when I bent forward. It was quite long and reached my knees, making it look more like a dress. I pulled up the collar so that my breasts were not so exposed and slowly opened the front door.

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girl, you're good.

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