Her Moment in the Sun, Part 1  

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Her Moment in the Sun, Part 1

Her Moment in the Sun, Part 1
She was a formidable and beautiful woman, headstrong perhaps, full of fight and fire, and yet unusually trusting, innocent and vulnerable. For thirty years she has persevered, always rising again, convinced that it would be different this time around. But this latest insult... this last indignity... has broken her heart. Life has toppled her. Man after man had disappointed her, whether as a lover or as a friend or as a business partner. Was it her? Was it her fiery and controlling nature? Was it just that they were all bastards? Did she expect too much from others? She didn’t really ask for more than she would give, did she? She was angry and confused and did not want to go back anymore, cannot go back anymore. She has withdrawn, from the game, from her life, withdrawn to her long neglected self.
This is how she finds herself at this resort, on this sunny beach, on this blue-sky island, far from those who torture her, far from those who care about her, far from the world that has overwhelmed her. She is alone and bitter, simmering in her anger, hopeless in her pain. She sits alone on the beach, staring out at the reef, tears welling up in her dark eyes hidden by her ever-present sunglasses. Life swirls around her - couples eye in eye, singles flirting by the bar, women ensuring no tan lines, volleyball game on the beach, jet skis criss-crossing in the ocean ‒ and she sits oblivious on her chaise lounge, present and yet no where to be found, hiding beneath her misery.

“Excuse me, are you saving this for someone?”

Daphne was roused from her wretched reverie. She looked up at a young, slim, deeply tanned, Chinese woman with long black hair pulled into a pony tail through the back of a white baseball cap. Her eyes were hidden behind a pair of Oakleys, she wore a white thong bikini and her hips wrapped seductively in a sheer white sarong. Daphne raised her sunglasses, unable to see her in the shadows she cast, uncovering her eyes, betraying her unhappiness.

“Are you saving this chaise lounge for a friend or may I have it? The young woman shifted her weight from one hip to the other, her arms crossed over her breast, her shoulder bag pressed against the side of her body. She was smiling.

“Of course, of course you can, sure, I’m sorry.” Daphne moved quickly from her chaise to gather her few things from the blue canvas of the chair ‒ a beach bag, a towel, some cosmetics, suntan lotion, a throwaway romance novel she bought in the airport and proofs of a layout for another new magazine that she was considering starting. In her haste, she stumbled and her things spilled onto the sand between the two lounge chairs.

“Shit!” Daphne mumbled, kneeling to gather her things, now covered with sand. She just sat there on her heels, another small annoyance rapidly becoming evidence that the world wanted her to suffer. A tear crept down her face, and then another, her lips trembled, her despair was about to burst. Jia put her bag on the chaise lounge, pushed her sunglasses to the visor of her cap and quickly knelt by Daphne, collecting her things, wiping them with a towel from her bag.

“Oh, you don’t have to do that.” Daphne, embarrassed, looked up into Jia’s face and was startled by her delicate features - her slightly closed, charming black eyes, glistening, perfectly proportioned lips, and graceful, regal neck. Smooth tan skin spread into toned shoulders and arms and extended down to become small perfectly proportioned breasts, barely covered by her white bikini top. Daphne was a beautiful woman, and she knew it, but not a girl anymore. In her present state, her mind rushed to comparisons. Jia’s flat belly versus the small bit of extra flesh she carried there. Jia’s breast floated amazingly in the air. Her own more ample breast lost that magic five years before, after the birth of her son. Her hips were not as slim or her bottom as tight as this lovely girl collecting her things. She was intimately familiar with the early lines at the corner of her eyes and mouth and the effort she took to preserve her skin. Jia drank in the sun with no worries. This is who she was years ago, and it only deepened her funk. She sat still, desperately trying to muster her control.

“It’s no problem, really!” Jia smiled at Daphne, while examining everything she picked up. The romance novel made her smile queerly and Daphne didn’t quite know what elicited that response. She picked up a lipstick and a lipgloss, and got excited because someone had just given her those as a gift.

“I love this color and it looks so nice on you.” waving the lipstick in the air before dropping it back into the small cosmetic bag.

“It’s very expensive, I can’t usually wear it.” She picked up the suntan lotion and noticed it was SPF 8. Finally she collected the sheaf of proofs of the new magazine that Daphne was toying with beginning. Jia raised her eyebrows and held the papers up, asking if it was alright to look at it. Daphne picked herself up and sat back down on her chaise, nodding her approval. Jia sat down on the chaise opposite Daphne, looking intently at the ideas for the magazine. Daph sat there, staring at her feet in the sand.

“Are you okay, mmm, what is your name?” Jia crinkled her eyes and looked up from the proofs, concerned about the sadness she saw in D’s eyes.

“Yes, thank you, I’m fine. My name is Daphne, and yours?” Daphne looked up surprised and flipped her sunglasses down once more, trying to go into hiding again.

“Jia Li, but everyone just calls me Jia. Are you sure you are okay? Cuz you really don’t look happy.” Jia kept her glasses on the brim of her baseball cap, her eyebrows raised a bit, a slight smile on her lips, her eyes maintaining the eye contact that Daphne had tried to disrupt.

“I am fine, really, and I don’t see why it should be a concern of yours.” Her defensiveness and combativeness quickly came to Daphne’s demeanor. She didn’t know how else to manage her discomfort over being discovered and intruded upon.

“Actually, it kinda is.” Jia crinkled her eyes and nose, smiling, “I am one of the people responsible for our guests’ satisfaction. I work for the resort, arranging and planning events, troubleshooting guest complaints, making sure everyone has the experience they are looking for.” She laid down on her side, facing Daphne, propping up her head on her cocked arm and hand, her other arm draped on her hip and waist, emphasizing her curves. “And I am verrrry good at my job!” Jia smiled broadly.

“So you are some glorified gofer or greeter for the resort then? She tried to be dismissive of Jia, being a little insulting, abrupt and confrontational. Daphne laid back on the chaise, playing the wealthy woman who is better than the rest, turning her head from Jia, trying to withdraw from the conversation and this girl, back to her familiar protected spot inside. Jia would not rise to the bait.

“Ummm, noooooo, not like that,” She pressed her lips together and her eyebrows knit together for a second, “I am manager of guest services and entertainment here.” She swung her long leg up and then down, hoisting herself back to a sitting position, like a child. She rummaged thru her bag, her tongue at the corner of her mouth, found her cards and flipped one onto Daphne’s belly. “See? So if there is anything you need just give me a call.” Jia laid down on the chaise, lifting her bottom to remove her sarong, depositing it in her bag. Daphne picked up the card and raised her sunglasses again to read it.

“You are a manager?? You don’t look that……..” Jia quickly cut off Daphne, finishing her sentence.

“Old? Well, I am not, I guess” Jia stayed on her back, lifting a knee, a hand behind her head, the other resting on her flat and toned belly, fingers lightly stroking just below her belly button, playing with her piercing. “I came here on a whim, just to work for awhile. I mean, how bad could working at an island resort be, right? They put me to work in guest services, and after two years, when the manager left after some trouble, the hotel manager (she was really fond of me) asked if I could do it and I said sure, why not? So here I am at 23, managing guest services and entertainment!” Jia rolled to face Daphne again, a devilish grin on her face, eyes laughing and flashing, “sooooo, I can get you ANYTHING you need!,” She raised an eyebrow, teasing, “and I mean ANYTHING you need!” laughing at her suggestive joke, Jia rolled back onto her back and closed her eyes, putting her hands behind her head, satisfied with herself.

In spite of herself, Daphne looked over at this lovely girl and smiled. And the smile grew. What was it? Not her looks; Daphne had never been attracted to women physically. Perhaps it is her mischievous girlishness? Her seeming total lack of self-consciousness? Her boldness? Her kindness? Daphne couldn’t put her finger on it. The total package, she thought. Daph sat up and faced Jia, brought her feet up onto the chaise, and hugged her legs, pressing her body against them.

“So, miss guest services manager,” Daphne’s chin rested on the top of her knees, her fingers dangling Jia’s card, “I neeeeeeeed,” she paused and bit her lip, “a massage and spa treatment, the works.” She pulled her lips into her mouth and pressed them together, her eyebrows arched, waiting .

“Sure Dee, gimme a second.” Jia sat up, and hunched over her bag, fishing for her phone. She was secretly pleased that Daphne had quickly acknowledged that she had the power to make things happen. Daphne watched her as she called the spa and saw her transform from a girlish minx into a business woman, cool and firm in voice and demeanor.

“Let me ask her,” Jia looked up at Daphne, “Do you mind having a man massage you? I prefer Leila, but I don’t know if she is available.” Daphne just shrugged her shoulders and shook her head, the corners of her mouth pointing down and her lower lip jutting out, her eyebrows arching. Seeing that Daphne didn’t mind one way or the other, Jia thought for a moment, her eyes looking down as she ran her tongue over her upper lip, and decided.

“Tell Leila to be available at four. I know she is supposed to be free this afternoon, I don’t care. Tell her its for a special client.” Daphne began to protest, not wanting to cause a problem. Jia just smiled at her and held up her open hand to stop her, her eyes still looking down, eyebrows scrunched together.

“Then tell her it’s a special favor for me. That ought to persuade the little slut.” Silence for a few moments. Daphne turned to look at the reef, watching two jet skis duel with each other in the open sea. She was feeling a bit special because of all the effort being expended on her behalf.

“Put her on the phone.” silence, “Listen baby, I wouldn’t ask unless it was important, you know that.” Silence again. “Chere, if you ever want to see my bed again, you had better get your tight little ass down there at four. Understand? Good. Of course I will make it up to you,” Jia smiled, then laughed, and covered her mouth and phone and turned away, the playful girl surfacing again, showing Daphne her nearly bare back and that tiny white triangle which disappeared quickly into her bottom.

Jia snapped her phone shut and spun back around towards Daphne, smiling,

“You are all set. Go down at 2:30pm and Leila will work with you at 4. I think you will thoroughly enjoy it. Leila is far and away our best masseuse. I wouldn’t have anyone else touch me. She can be quite firm so I hope you like a real massage. I also arranged for you to finish having your hair and makeup done. There is a special dinner this evening and we have live entertainment too so you will be ready to go and dazzle everyone. If you haven’t made arrangements just get in touch with me. I kinda pushed to improve the spa and make it a selling point of the resort. I always love the pampering and everyone is on vacation to be pampered sooooo………it just makes sense, doesn’t it?” Jia wrinkled her nose and smiled.

Daphne was just sitting and admiring this little dynamo. Speechless. Impressed. She couldn’t have done it better herself.

“Thank you Jia, I really appreciate it. I forgot to ask about my hair too, so thanks a lot. You really didn’t have to use a favor with Leila, I could have had any of your masseurs.” Daphne smiled broadly, more broadly than she would normally allow herself. Someone was taking care of her needs and it was a nice change of pace.

“Don’t think about it, she can be a “leetle beetch” sometimes,” Jia tried to fake a French accent like Leila’s, with little success, “but it is just part of who she is. She needs to be a prima donna that’s all, guess it makes her feel important or something, but she is a great girl, lots of fun, and the guests adore her. Besides, she owes me big time, for helping her out and getting her here, I just don’t like to shove it in her face. So don’t give it a second thought!” Jia smiled, happy that Daphne was smiling. Daphne reclined rolling over onto her belly.

“You are looking a bit red, Dee,” Jia reached over and pressed her finger into Daphne’s upper thigh. Daphne was a bit startled and turned her head to look, not liking people touching her, especially uninvited, but it seemed a natural thing for Jia to do. Her skin blanched and the color came back slowly. “No, I guess not, but you should put some sunblock on. The sun can be brutal here and today is particularly bad.”

“I am Filipina and am used to the sun, Jia, don’t worry about me. Besides I just put on some lotion right before you came.”

“You may be used to sun, but not like this. And you don’t look like you have been tanning for a while. But suit yourself. You don’t want to burn and ruin the rest of your stay.” Jia laid back down and closed her eyes. Daphne sat up and reached for her lotion, which was still kind of sandy. Jia turned her head towards her.

“Use mine,” Jia sat up and took her lotion out of her bag ‒ SPF15 ‒ and tossed it to Daphne. It landed on her chaise and settled by her foot. Daphne looked at it, a little resistance begin to rise in her chest, about the instructions she was getting from this young woman, but she picked up the sunblock and began smoothing it over her arms, face, chest, belly and legs. Jia rolled over onto her belly, her bottom and finely muscled back glistening in the sun. She was watching Daphne, her two hands beneath her head, her eyes turned towards her.

“What about your back Dee?” Jia said after Daphne finished her front. Jia sat up and stretched, lifting her arms straight over her head, hands interlaced, head cocked to one side, her body sinuously curving. Daphne was putting lotion on her legs and the back of her arms, and neck. Jia got up and sat on Daphne’s chaise, crossing her legs, and put her hand out for the lotion.

“You really don’t have to do that, Jia” Daphne was getting a bit uncomfortable, this was definitely not what she was accustomed to.

“Nonsense, lie down, and stop being so stoic and skittish.” Jia frowned momentarily and took the lotion from Daphne’s grasp and squeezed a dollop out into her hand, put the bottle down on the chaise, and smeared it between two hands. Daphne, surprising herself, lay down on the chaise, and rested her head on her hands. When Jia placed her hands on Dee’s back, Daphne jumped - not from the cool of the lotion, not from cool hands, but from not remembering what hands on her bare back were like. She hadn’t been touched by anyone for almost two years.

“What’s the matter, Dee? My hands aren’t cold, are they?” Jia smoothed the cream over her lower back, massaging the white lotion into her back and sides.

*Nothing, just kind of tickles me that’s all.”

“I thought you were shy or something,” Jia unsnapped Daphne’s top and Daphne reacted by pulling her arms in, hugging her breasts, nervously looking back at this bold girl. Jia massaged her back slowly, squirting more of the cream between Dee’s shoulder blades, and spreading it over her upper back, slowly, letting her fingers work the lotion into the skin of her shoulders and the skin of her back, letting her fingers drift to her sides, coming close to the arms guarding her breasts. Daphne hugged herself more tightly. Jia was sitting on the edge of the lounge chair, her bare hip touching Daphne’s, and she held her sides, almost caressing them, her fingers tickling the top of Daphne’s bikini panty, Jia’s thumbs came to rest in the early depression of Daphne’s bottom. She twisted at the waist and brushed her bottom with her belly, took the bottle and slowly dripped lotion on Daphne’s thighs, absently watching the white fluid make droplets and fall on her pale caramel skin.

“You’ve got wonderful skin, Dee, so smooth, unblemished.” Jia said as she slowly smoothed the lotion over the back of D’s thighs, her palms stroking down to the back of her knees and then back up to just under her tush, her fingers caressing the inside of Daphne’s thighs. Daphne was nervous having this girl’s hands exploring her and thought it too brazen, but she did nothing to stop her. She enjoyed it, and besides, Jia was only being nice. Daphne began to relax under Jia’s hands.

I have to take better care of myself, like you do Dee.” Jia capped the suntan lotion and took the towel from her chaise and wiped her hands clean. She then fastened Daphne’s top again and stood up. Her phone rang and she bent over to take it out of her bag. Daphne turned to be confronted by Jia’s almost bare, athletic bum. She was mesmerized for a moment and as Jia turned back towards her, talking on her phone, she caught Daphne’s eyes, frowning and smiling at the same time. It was almost as if she was shaking her finger at Daphne, for taking liberties that she would certainly have done. Daphne was embarrassed and turned away. Why was she embarrassed, she thought. She lied down again, feeling her face flush.

“Well, there is no rest for the wicked, or something like that.” Jia dropped her phone in her bag and gathered up her towel. She dropped her sunglasses onto her eyes and began to wrap and adjust her sarong.

“One of my entertainers is having trouble at the airport. I gotta go. Remember, 2:30 for the spa. I will find you later and see how you liked Leila.” Jia finished adjusting herself and began to walk away up the beach.

“See you later……,” mumbled Daphne to herself, her chin on her hands, watching Jia walk seductively towards the main building. She turned and waved without breaking step, and then put her head down and continued on her way. Daphne returned the wave, shaking her open hand limply from her belly. She put her head down on her hands, closed her eyes, sighed and smiled.


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