HOOTERS Serves More Than Wings !  

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9/5/2006 8:41 pm
HOOTERS Serves More Than Wings !

HOOTERS Serves More Than Wings !

In keeping with my promise to tell more about our sex life.....here is yet another fun story we very recently expierenced together !

Two weekends ago we went to Hooters at the Baltimore Inter Harbor....I'm sure all the local Marylander's know what and where I am talking about. Anyways......The waitress, a real BLONDE hottie was very flirty with me and casualy putting her arm around me, and eventually she sat on my lap ! (Damn hubby did'nt have the digi-camera Image ) So as the night went on our flirts became more and more open and brazen ! Now, I was wearing jean shorts and a tight white top.......nothing too special, but nice. So I decided that I would go into the Lady's room and remove my panties and when we left the tip I would leave them for her as well ! (Ohhhhh I'm such a slut Image) And so off I went to the ladys room.....and I made sure they got a little extra "flavor" on them ! Them I shoved them in my purse and out I came. She had just deleivered the check and inside was her phone # ! B O N U S ! So we paid in CASH of course...did'nt need some busboy accidently getting the "TIP" and our name and number. So I neatly folded my panties as best I could so they would fit into the little black book thing they give you to put the cash into.....but I waited for her to come around.....and when she did I hugged her and slipped her the TIP ! She looked down......shocked Imageand then smiled back Image ! She knew we were going to be seeing each other real soon !

Well we chatted during the week......and come to find out she was fairly new at the girl on girl fun.......and decided to flirt with me to see where it went ! Well we met this past friday evening.....and OMG.....what a night we had ! Hubby had to leave for a while, so that me and my new found "lover" could get to know one another ! A little later he slipped in and got to watch for a while ! Without going into details......because she asked that I not give to many......I will simply say this......... I had the best time of 2006 !

Love Daisey Image

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