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angeldickfuck 43M
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8/22/2006 1:04 am

For a relationship to work you need to know your PURPOSE!
...and for me, My purpose in any union would be The Space that I'm In and Take.
It's My Energy.
My Warmth.
My Love.
My Voice.
It's My Confidence. See, when you know your place your purpose, you can have The Ultimate Relationship wether it's friendship or courtship! As long as you know who you are everything else will fall into place. Sex, you can have with anyone even yourself, a 3sum...Mmmmm can be nice {I suppose} but a relationship, strong, solid, will please your EVERY HUNGER!

Recently I've had alot of my 360* folk asking for my view on RELATIONSHIPS, SEX and 3SUMS! Folk tell me things like..."I can have sex with anyone" or "Sex only interest me when it's more than the two of us" and this one I hear alot..."I just wanna see another sexy laydee touching, teasin', pleasin' my mate cause there's nothing sexier nor hotter than two women 2gether"...{lol} By the way, My preference...SexySexx!

The reality of a 3sum is easy,...it's INTAMICY thats the BITCH________!

In a city of great expectations is it time to settle for what you can get?

Are 3sums the Relationships of the Future?
Are they the New Frontier to Sex?
What makes it right? Wrong? Or even Okay?

Love starts with a Smile,
Grows with a Kiss,
and Ends with a Tear..................{kaneyetalk2u..?}

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