Saying Goodbye  

angeldevillvr 54F
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4/27/2006 4:35 am
Saying Goodbye

Ok Im not saying goodbye to the site and the friends I have made on here but I am saying goodbye to the swinging lifestyle. I have met someone that I feel is a very special man and I want to show him that being with a woman can be a very pleasureable thing to do. I want to win his respect and his love and I can't do that if I am seeing othe rmen too. No he didnt ask me to do this in fact he told me not too. But I feel this is something I have to do because I feel him and I are connected and that not giving us a chance to see if we could have more would be a great ...shit I cant think of the word...letdown.

So please if you are a friend stay in touch with me I have the same name on yahoo and I don't want to lose my friend sI have made on here and those of you know who you are.

I will also post to my blog every so often because this is a way for me to put my feelings down and to also get feedback from those I care about.

Love you all!!

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