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1/21/2006 1:10 pm

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Life...isn't it funny how it sometimes happens. I know God has our lives planned out for us it just sometiems I wonder why he puts us through so much to get us to where he wants us to be and with who.

I have decided to just let God do what he has planned for me. I am giving up actively searchign for the man in my life. Truth be told ...not sure I'm supposed to have a serious man in my life. Romance ...I mean what is it really. Something that is in our heads. As soon as someone mentions the word love the relationship falls apart and definatley falls apart if marriage is mentined.

After being married for 20 years by the time the divorce went through that is a route Im not sure I ever want to take again. I do know I would like someone to spend time with. Not even sure I want to live permanently with a man. Have it where we might spend a few weekends together and do special occasions together but as for sharing everything that Im not sure I want to let a man that much into my life.

I know that might change if I ever meet the right man. At times I have thought I have met that right man but thing sin life change that and we stay good friends just move on with our lives to other loves.

i am trying to look towards the future and what it holds for me and leave the past in my past. I know easier said than done especially when it comes to how men treat me. I know they treated me the way I let them treat me but not any more.

I am a very caring woman and one of these days you men are gonna wise up to that fact and treat me like I should be treated and in return you will be treated very good.

Well I guess this is enough rambling for right now. Hope you find this interesting cause I try to be very interesting.

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