When Angel went away...  

angelbaby4650 105F
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1/21/2006 6:15 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

When Angel went away...

There came a day, not so far away when Angel decided to fly away.
Christmas it was, the Holy Time.
And not to enjoy would be a crime.

So she went up North to rest and play.
She liked it so much, so there she stayed.
Quiet and peaceful, the snow it lay,
Nothing too big, no problems per se.
Just nice to sit and while away,
Only days of snow, just cold and grey.

And in the end she decided to say,
"I think it's time I found a New Way."

About it she could write a lot right here,
But "Lo," she thought, "that would be quite queer."
For to do so she would make no sense,
Her post would be in a negative sense.

"What would that matter?" the normal might say,
But more important matters Angel must weigh.
For the bard,the shagger of sheep has the helm,
And trav,the barbarian he may well ovewhelm!

And so with purpose and endeavour he perseveres,
For the sake of loosers far and near.
'Cos much as we love the Grounded Advice,
Who wants to ask, "Is writing nice?"

For the fifteenth hundred fricking time,
To make it worse, my answers don't rhyme.
His industry and patience we all admire,
But bards sheep-loving ways burn us like fire.

And so to geatness he shall return,
To reclaim the spot he so rightfully earned.
Triumphantly rested and ready for battle,
Bard,vs.Trav the Shagger of cattle.

"What kind of twit?"
Are you, may you say,
And to those that wonder will find that they
Must read everything that bardicman lay.

For change is constant as Spock once said.

And Kirk would never give in so quick.
To admit that trav is trailing back.
So Lo, and Doth that is my schtick.

A roundabout way of saying, "I'm Back,"
And out of pratice I write like a hack.
But the gestures of love I hope you'll see,
And all I really want to say is this:

Just Lo, and Doth, Hello and Hey!"
I'm back, Im back, hail o and hurray!

©2006 Angelbaby

catseyes23 62F

1/21/2006 8:57 am

Angel...it' so nice to see you back. Please turn your profile back on!


angelbaby4650 105F

1/21/2006 10:14 am

I had no doubt that I'd be back
filling threads just like a hack.
Though in the arms of my young paramour,
The one I professed to adored.
I wondered,"How long can I resist?"

"The siren calls of AdultFriendFinder
For all it is and all it's not,
Would the lines of wit and scorn
About the place which he adorns,
Spring forth from his fingers once again?"

I know the one that you lambaste.
He proceeds with undue haste,
You may decry his repetition
As a net of sedition.

In past your posts have been formidable,
Your wit was at times incredible.
I love him still,
Though he not will not
Acknowledge me.

Why? Why?

His tongue is sharp,
And mind is keen.
There is not now and never will be for me,
One as good as he.

I've rambled on for long enough,
Writing verse is kind of tough.
For very long I have waited,
With furrowed brow and breath abated.

The return of him!

©2006 Angelbaby

bardicman 51M

1/21/2006 7:05 pm

Welcome back Angel...

Wings intact.
Thank god she's back.
I have the strength
to stop smoking crack.

I am not dead yet

angelbaby4650 105F

1/22/2006 12:51 am

Tips her halo to The Bard, in awe.

I must admit that things were droll,
Without reading you, the Bard.

So gird your great and sturdy loins,
And release the fire that's in your loins.

Remove your fingers from thine ass,
And make a stately trollish pass.

At the keyboard that awaits,
To help you sealsheepshaggers fates.

So lo and doth please pad away,
I am so glad you came today.

Return, return, oh Blogville King,
Please stop playing with your thing.

Post and post away with glee,
And please set all our bored minds free.

©2006 Angelbaby

angelbaby4650 105F

1/22/2006 8:32 am

I forgot to thank you, Cats, for the kind words.

Will switch it on when I'm ready...once bitten, twice shy. You know what I mean.


atila0013 40M

1/23/2006 5:42 am

well, it rhymes!!!!

angelbaby4650 105F

1/23/2006 7:17 am

I try my best, Atila. Just been away too long and a little "rusty" shall we say.


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