Day One October 5th 2004  

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Day One October 5th 2004

He came over at my invitation. I knew I had to fix this problem anyway I could. The years of trying made me a desperate man, a tired man, worn out from the battle, the tension, the stress. I asked her what person, if any was she attracted to. She told me and I obliged. I knew I was flirting with disaster, kind of like Molly Hatchet, but what the hell. I was tired of the uphill struggle and I needed a break to see if I could find the one. Well it turns out that the one was really the one. The love of her life, her soul mate. This might be hard for some people to understand, but I have known her since the first grade and as such I respect her immensely. The fact is she is my friend still today even with the situation like it is. I would never abandon her in time of need, but they have to find their relationship now. They have to find their new boundries and it will be without me. I play no formal role any longer in her life. I am just a guy she knows for all practical purposes. Our first interlude was as a three way in and I just watched mostly since they had fallen into a rhythm and were oblivious to my existance. It went on for hours and I watched this unfold. I could see from their first kiss that it was very powerful and overwhelming to them. It was kind of like watching people in a trance or hypnotized. It was very erotic to see. This lasted until about 4am and then we all went to sleep.

Next time, how they begin to mature and feel out of control about their realtionship.


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