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Tell me your thoughts....

I am considering trying a 2nd career - one as a writer of erotica for aswingers publication. Tell me if you think I have what it takes... (be critical - but not rude)


Bill knew that although I was very excited for my first visit to a swing club, I would be nervous. Without hesitation he bought me a double Jack Daniels and coke. The drink went straight to my head and I was ready for whatever the night would bring.

I had no expectations for the night. We might meet a woman who could join our fun, maybe a man or a couple. If we met no one of interest I knew we would have a night of wonderfully fun and fulfilling sex as we had before.

It would be a slow night, a good night to meet people for the first time the host and hostess told us as we toured the facility. Looking at each room with its distinctive amenities - I already had lewd thoughts in my head. I pictured me in the swing - Bill kneeling and thrusting his thick long cock into my wet pussy.

I especially enjoyed the fitness equipment room and was dying to lay back my legs spread wide and Bill seated so comfortably that he’s want to eat my wet cunt for hours. I liked that people could see my spread legs and open pussy from the window if we used that room. Let me rephrase - WHEN we used that room.

The evening began a little slow. When I thought that it might be awhile until someone approached us I decided that Bill and I should get started anyway, my panties had been damp for hours. When Bill excused himself to the men’s room I took the opportunity to see if the exercise room were free. IT WAS! I waited for Bill outside the men’s room and beckoned for him to follow me. Once inside the room, still a bit timid - I closed the door. I kissed Bill hotly on the mouth - so eager to to get the evening started.

I positioned myself on the equipment and Bill sat his mouth even with my cunt. I still had my panties on and enjoyed the sensation of his fingers and tongue running over them. He teased my inner thighs relentlessIy. I told him he better stick something, anything in my pussy.

He took my panties off - loving the way it felt to be so wide open. I rubbed my hands over my body and closed my eyes as Bill’s expert tongue teased my cunt, tracing along the slit before parting my moist petals and bathing my inner folds with long, wet licks.

By now I had my hands rubbing over my hard nipples. I occasionally looked down to enjoy eye contact with Bill. I loved seeing his face buried in my pussy, it made me all the more wet. It also made me wet to look at our reflection in the mirror as those outside the window also saw us.

It was intensely erotic. I could have had him eating me for hours but I wanted to return the favor....

Bill dropped his trousers and revealed his thick hard cock. As he seated himself comfortably on the equipment he rod shot striaght in the air. I love nothing better than to see a proud hard erect cock. It made the juices well in my pussy.

I knelt on the lower seat and started to pump his cock firmly. I love to suck cock. I took some long, slow, wet licks the entire length of his shaft, pumping it in my one fist enjoying how hard he felt in my soft hand.

I stroked his balls with my other hand before taking one into my hot wet mouth. I continued to pump his shaft while I toyed with his ball in my mouth - rolling it around with my tongue. I gently sucked his other ball into my mouth while my free hand found my wet pussy. I moaned involuntarily. Sucking cock makes me wet as hell so I usually end up fucking myself while I suck.

I think the apparatus was designed with eating pussy in mind - I think it is much more comfortable that way. I could have kept sucking but I also felt a need to be fucked. Bill excused himself to get some condoms - I sat on the bed waiting...

When Bill returned we undressed. I spread my legs as I lay half-naked on the bed still in thigh highs and heels, half oblivious to the fact that people may be at the window but also hoping someone was there. To my knowledge no one had ever watched me be fucked. It was a deliciously naughty feeling.

I have never felt the sensation I feel when Bill’s thick cock pushes into my wet pussy. I love it when he does it slowly - filling every inch of my canal with his shaft. I lay back knees bent and feet in the air - as Bill pumped his rod slowly in and out of my wet fuck hole. I lay back eyes closed enjoying the sensation of being so full of cock I thought my pussy would burst. Alternately I would open my eyes and stare into his - wondering what it felt like to him to be pushing into a hot, wet canal. Occasionally I looked over Bill’s shoulder to see the shadows of a group of people in the hall. I hoped they were enjoying the scene as much as I was.

We switched positions and I mounted Bill easing his cock slowly into my hot pussy, pressing all the way down on him; so far down I think I could feel the tip of his cock on my tonsils. I leaned way back, my hands on his knees, my entire body exposed for his enjoyment. I love this position, I love the sensation of his cock rubbing on my g-spot -and the cool air hitting my clit as I rock back and forth. I relaxed, my head flung back, riding, just riding and riding his hard cock.

I leaned forward so Bill could take my tits into his mouth. I placed both pillows behind his head to encourage him to continue sucking. As he sucked on one of my rock-hard nipples and twirled the other between his thumb and forefinger I felt an electricfying current to my clit. This caused an instant and uncontrollable moan. “Suck them,” I breathed heavily as I ground my pussy onto his cock.

I was inches from cumming. Bill was too - he asked me to hold still. I knew the sensation - so close to climaxing but wanting to prolong the enjoyment. I thanked God for the fact that I am a woman and can orgasm multiple times and enjoy the orgasm minutes afterwards.

I was enjoying this fucking immensely - we had an audience, my cunt was full of hard cock. We both soon came and I thought to myself, “This night is only getting started, “We came here to swing - and that is what we are going to do...”

We went back to the dance area and I had a seat while Bill went to the bar to refresh our drinks. A nice looking gentleman approached me and asked if I would like to dance. I looked in the direction Bill went and the words he said earlier to me rang in my head, “I want to watch another man fuck you.” I stood without hesitating as the man took my hand a lead me to the dance floor.

I recognized him as a man who had been dancing earlier. His wife, I assumed, had been on her knees sucking his erect cock as his hips gyrated to the pulsing music. This will be fun I thought.

As we danced his hands rubbed all over my body. He pushed my skirt up revealing my ass and my white lace boy cut panties. They were soaked by now. He reached a hand between my hot thighs and wiggled a finger into my wet panties. His slim finger easily found it’s way into my pussy. I ground my cunt onto his hand.

I searched the room looking for Bill, hoping he was watching and enjoying this as much as I was. I saw him near the bar, he was enjoying it... as the music stopped my new friend Bob asked if we should find a room. I asked if he had condoms - he said he’d get some. Before he left I asked if my friend could join us. He was fine with that. I motioned for Bill to join us.

The three of us headed back to the room with the pussy-eating chair. I undressed and laid back on the bed watching Bob undress. He had a nice long, thick cock and big balls that hung really low. I loved his balls.

I looked over at Bill as he stood by the door. Bob parted my legs and eased his cock into me. When I looked at Bill again his hard cock was hanging from his open fly. The sight sent a gush of juices surging through my cunt.

I looked to Bob again as he thrust into me again and again. “Do you wanna suck his cock?” he asked me of Bill. “Yes“ I said huskily. Bob looked to Bill and said, “Put your cock in her mouth.” Bill obliged. He came to the bed and knelt by my head sticking his long, hard cock in my face. I turned toward him and licked his cock, using my hand to guide it into my hungry mouth. A cock in my cunt and one in my mouth.....I had never felt anything so orgasmic in my life.

The door of the room was open and people watched as they walked by. Bob was thrusting into my wet pussy slowly and rubbing hard on my clit with his thumb. Bill had leaned down and was sucking on a hard nipple. After a few minutes they switched places and Bill slowly sank his cock to his balls into my hot cunt.

I took Bob’s cock in my mouth his huge balls resting on my chin. Bob stroked my head as I moaned. Having my mouth and pussy fucked was better than I had ever imagined. Bill pushed into my box with long, slow, full strokes - filling my pussy up with his hard cock until I thought he would spilt me open.

Bob whispered in my ear that he would leave us to fuck. He gave me a long, wet kiss with lots of tongue before leaving. He thanked Bill who thanked him. Greedy little cunt that I am I laid there with Bill fucking me thinking how wonderful three dicks would feel in me.....


so - how did I do? Tell me - gently - kisses - amybunz

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8/31/2007 4:25 am

Fantastic!!! I loved every word.
I was hard by the second sentence and
was all ready to cum by the end.

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