Is she or isn't she bisexual . . . the world will know now . . .  

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Is she or isn't she bisexual . . . the world will know now . . .

My first date with the pussy hunter...

Bill and I had met on over a year before our first "date". Oh, we had enjoyed an innocent lunch after which we exchanged hot email. We teased each other sharing fantasies of swinging and my bi-curiosity and sent hot pictures of each other as often as they could. Bill’s job and my daughter kept us busy and apart for longer than either of us liked.

The day finally came that we would get together and see if the sparks would fly. We decided to travel to Niagara Falls and Canada. There Bill knew of a hot strip club where "almost everything goes". He sent me an email telling me of women collecting tips with their tits or pussies, he mentioned that he had been laid and gotten blow-jobs at this club. I was wet just thinking of it. He knew I had curiosities about being with a woman and he was determined to help me live out my fantasies.

We traveled several hours without so much as a kiss. Oh there was lots of talk of sex, our individual encounters, desires enough to make both of us wet. We were both ripe for sex when we parked the camper in New York.

After washing up in the bathroom of the trailer Bill told me he could either eat me or eat dinner. Though horny as hell and very willing to just spread for him - I am also an unyielding tease and suggested we go to dinner. I also wanted to be sure to see some hot pussy.

After a casual dinner complete with still more sex talk we were both ready for some action. Bill took me to his favorite little Canadian strip club.

To my delight it was all Bill had said. It was early and not packed yet. Scantily-clad woman were everywhere. All sorts of women - beautiful women, sexy, ordinary women - something for everyone. Big tits, little tits, blond, brunettes, redheads, dark-skinned, fair-skinned, nice round asses. I was like a girl in a candy shop.

The dancers on the stage danced for three songs and by the third were completely naked. I enjoyed it as they crawled across the stage, flashing their shaven pink pussies, spreading their legs in the air. I dreamed of doing it myself. I dreamed on munching on them.

We had a couple of drinks and I enjoyed watching the girls as I stroked Bill’s thigh. Before too long a pretty little blond who had danced early approached us and asked to sit down. Bill told her of my desire to have a lap dance and she said she could help us out.

My panties were already wet just at the thought. We went to a private booth and I sat down on the love-seat. Bill tried to sit across from me but I insisted that he sit beside me. I wanted to be able to feel how hard his cock would get.

The dancer explained that touching was allowed and asked if she could touch me. I, of course, said yes.

The music started and she kneeled in front of me pressing her tits against me. She breathed and licked at my ear sending chills down my spine. I had experienced many men doing this but this was the first time a woman had. It was so erotic. I felt the juices welling up inside my pussy.

She removed her top exposing her beautiful tits and leaned into me. I hesitated and then ran my hands lightly over her skin. It was so different than touching a man. She was so soft. My hands drifted to her tits, I teased circles around her nipples. She leaned into my mouth and I flicked my tongue at her gorgeous nipple. "She’s good," she said to Bill.

She helped me remove my bra, freeing my tits. It felt to erotic, so naughty to be nearly topless in a nightclub. She licked at my nipples with an expert tongue. She glanced at Bill seductively as she licked at my tit. Before long my other nipple was at Bill’s mouth. She had a hand on my crotch and was rubbing at my clit through my pants. It was more than I could stand. Two mouths on me...I was loving it, my head drifting back, my eyes closed.

I reached over and rubbed Bill’s hard cock through his pants. I knew he was loving this as much as I was. I wondered if he had ever had two women. I wondered what it would be like to eat her while he fucked me from behind.

She stood up and turned around, her ass towards me. She bent over deep at the waist, removing her panties. I love seeing a woman’s pussy from this vantage point. I had seen it in pictures, magazines and porn movies. I had never seen a pussy this close, close enough to lick. I would have liked to lick her but I didn’t. She placed a bandana on my lap and rubbed her ass over my mound. I held my hands at her waist and watched her beautiful ass dance over me. She turned around and I could see her pussy from the front. A little strip of fuzz along her slit. It was just inches from me, from my hand, from my tongue. She had a gorgeous pussy. Everything all hidden up inside. I wondered. I wondered how it would taste. I wondered how it would feel to have my lips and tongue on her slit, on her clit, in her hole.

Too soon the dances were over. We dressed and as Bill paid her for her services she assured him she could go further and further and get nastier and nastier. I wanted it - but I also wanted to save that experience for another time. I had come on this trip with Bill and we hadn’t even fucked yet.

We returned to our table in time to see the stage fill with three women. A human daisy chain of pussy-eaters. The first dancer was seated on the stage, leaning against the pole her legs spread wide and pussy gaping. Another girl ran up on stage kneeling on hands and knees and face in the other’s snatch, her pussy bare and up in the air. Soon the third joined in smashing her face into the ass and pussy of the second. I had never seen anything so hedonistic. I loved it. I wanted to be a part of it.

I thought of staying there all night. It was early - this place must get crazy. I thought of running up there myself and getting my first taste of cunt. But there was something else I wanted to do. There was Bill. We had all these fantasies that we wanted to share - but I wanted him tonight.

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wow i got wet reading this thanks

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mmmm what is the name of that strip club? i would like to look it up next time i go to niagra falls

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very nice baby

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