i want her to do one thing she did the other  

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4/26/2006 12:47 am

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i want her to do one thing she did the other

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I want her to become my friend

She become friend of another

I tried to come closer to her

She drifted away as far as possible

I got frustrated and was furious

She enjoyed it lot and have the fun

I then decided to leave her

She came closer to me

I was about to kiss her

She turned away her face

I had then caught her

She tried to escape

I then removed all her clothes

She objected to it

I sucked her tits and kissed her

She locked her legs tightly

I then gave my cock in her hand

She opened her legs apart

I tried to give it into her

She again tried to lock the legs

I inserted it half into her

She tried to drift away

I then gave her full and tried to pump

She did not let me do it

I tried to mount her and fuck her

She instead mounted me and fucked me

I then cum with oh oh oh oh oh

She wanted it more more more

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