Where ever you are...  

ami4you23 45M  
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8/7/2006 10:35 am
Where ever you are...

Where ever you are...i 'll be there!

Sound familiar with this words? some kind of song lyris again?? alright...had anybody said it to you...or had you ever said it to someone else before?...hmmm

It just a simple sentence i knew...simple! aint they? so what ring your bell? what it really mean to you?

Guess, if you dont want me to be there...i will (but you wont be notice) hahaha ...sound scary? nope...it you will scared if your mind think so, you think am so free?! hehehe

My mind will be there...to support whatever your decision are! to stand-by you

My hand will be there...if you ever need help, i will with no condition! to hug you tight...to wept your tears away!

My legs will be there...to company you to walk further distance, move on till you can 'walk'

My heart will be there...comfort you, encourage you even you aint listening at first, i will keep trying...sorry, am stubborn

Lastly my mouth will be there...to shout at you, nag till you shout STOP too, think you had enough of my shit right? than...i shall part, far far away again when you never notice...

(i did that once in my life before...twice maybe to be actual but dont know if it counted)

O.k ...AMi4you23

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