ami4you23 45M
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7/30/2006 4:39 am

This feeling so strange now, some kind of weird when it not use to be...look like stranger now

Nothing much to talk...or ask, seem like scared others will know what they think on these/that every moment?! or i just wanted to know more deeply...?

When listening, every song on radio...sound so strange, strange till... it like singing what the problem, what had gone thru now! sound so i feeling lonely or just bore?

What the problem with me?? ...i ask myself, am i feeling sad? feeling down...and out? cant be...i just want someone to hold on to, not wanting for more...than what others seem think?!

Am i still cant get thru this...long long road? am i still drag inside and cant let go...when i said i would? maybe...really time will heal? or am i rushing for my own sweet time? time...i need more time but it sound so strange, just so weird!! ...did i really goes into this, so deeply?

Let me...let me taking it all alone ...but did i deserve it all??

O.k ...AMi4you23

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