Sorry...i LOVE you, i really do!!  

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7/28/2006 7:53 am

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Sorry...i LOVE you, i really do!!

I always wanted to write this...but dont know how can i write it out or even say it out...afew times in my entire life, it did happen afew time like this before! "sorry, i love you" inside my mobile for weeks, while i never show!

Do you have this kinda of feeling yourself, when things really happen to yourself? how you deal with it?...for me, i waited but most time its just a "passing cloud, smoking dust" FOREVER! but cant say it out? (how can i say it out when another party push me to another end?) thinking it not the right timing...maybe? so scare of been rejected again and again many times (like me)? afraid of committed with not much confidents from the other part, dont want him/her to suffer with you...that LOVE??

Nevermind, thats life i guess, move on.. (when you dont even wanted to?!) ...when you know yourself, you had done what is possible you can, had already try your very best...what the regret?? ...even when other part told you, they dont even can feel it at all when you know you had try hard enough?? fat hope...hahaha MOVE ON...LET IT BE...LET GO and never look back! LIFE IS ONLY LIKE THAT...IT ALWAYS BE!

To LOVE is to love whole heartedly...without asking for anything back in return, i did it all...with no reasons so many times, just for loving you! just wanted you to be happy, cheerful always ...with no reasons at all...even it mean to be an END after all! I WILL JUST TRY...

To LOVE is to do all the little acts, even "stupid" acts everyday without complaining ... like fetching, picking up when required! give care and concern when needed it most, to give advices, exchange ideals when asked for? (had you all do these and never take for granted most times?)


O.k ...AMi4you23

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