My love...who want??  

ami4you23 45M
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8/12/2006 5:54 am
My love...who want??

Nope... not "Great Singapore sale" haha it over anyway... , admit i did use to tease others about this, but it wont go easily either even i wanted it badly(for what i know), you hear me...?

Not that i cant commit, but who want it? ...even i know that what i wanted all these while, found it... so what? they may not wanting you anyway, blame myself?!

You just can you think it not worth when you never give other a chance? feel? ...hmmm dont think you can huh? think other not worthy at all...just you think so? ...if you still keep that same thought for 10 more years, bet me...nothing gonna chance, it still will be the same!

Alright...its been really straight forward from me (and my heart) ,sorry if it sound abit forceful...take your time, think it hard...think it over!

So tell me...if up on SALE, i will grab it for ...Sssure!!

O.k ...AMi4you23

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