Maybe...just maybe! but...nevermind  

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7/14/2006 7:34 pm

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7/17/2006 7:03 am

Maybe...just maybe! but...nevermind

Dont ask me too much as i wun tell hiding, she just make me happy cant explain why, make me wanted to see her everyday even i know it impossible, stubborness? nevermind...i just trying my best, no regret as long she feel comfortable a distance! knew what she thinking but never ever tell again, what for?!

I knew what she want now dun think other wise! hehe...yes, the intention are there when she asked but i never only human, like she mention but it not dirty minded to me if she think otherwise? sweet memories maybe as long she enjoy the night, i sense she is...hmmm nice, she just moan it! told her only a stand-by, like a soldier waiting to serve haha nevermind already so hard, why worries so much till you die?

Still remember once sad...sad story she told, am asking myself again and...again, do i want to repreat the history? regret after regret...when it all over, no...nevermind my angel told me, go be her guiding angel, by her side...cherish what you have now...nevermind what future lied, what result turn-out! is that so important? can we predict future?? no...i cant honestly!!

Even if it a dream...i want a sweet dream

But dont stress her, dont force her...she tired like i really tired as well she knew, i knew her too. "taken at times when i missed you dearly"...its kind of truth stay in my stubborn mind which i'm not...lying, but isit that loneliness cover me at not, am just chesting myself!! a truth is a truth...never lie!

Yes, i wanted to walk off at first, keep cheating myself...but i just cant, wanted to find another someone to hold-on to...can't found any yet! hahaha


O.k ...AMi4you23

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