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7/22/2006 11:17 am

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I always hate to be alone...the feeling of been loneliness from time to time!

Guess i like togetherness more?? of course no big FAT pillow for me, just something warm n soft...will do, asking too much?!

Is this always the case...?? asking for someone (the Right someone) to hug to sleep, so difficult? asking for too much...in return??

Maybe that really the case...!!

Someone who had been hugged to sleep most time, will wish...wanted some peaceful 'to be alone time'?

Someone who had been alone...nobody to hug to sleep everytime, will dream of been hug to sleep...confusing right?? (i know nobody can be even bother!)...what can i do more to convince when i know my own weakness is ...to force others!

(I somehow sense the signal mean)...been siting there, the same place i used to for almost 30 mins, blanked in my mind...asking myself WHY? WHY? WHY?
really dunno how to say it out... i know am been stubborn, been stupid...so what? but who care?? the feeling now are so near...yet so far, very far!!...the feeling of numbness is so wonderful...hehehe

O.k ...AMi4you23

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