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8/15/2006 11:13 am

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8/25/2006 9:35 am just wont!

I read an articles few weeks back...loner cause 20% more than family person (even those stay with parents/partner/member count) to occurs heart problems or attack! you believe?? ...try hard to avoid this but not easy i guess?!

To Compromise? Yes, today we want to discuss that...

Agreed...its will only work on some body not all my own belief, with more and more self-central mindset peoples these day, want freedom, personal stylo attitude , stubborness of change with thousand of excuses? deny others love you more than themselve? one part of the population are like this...what can we do more?

Alright, can we ever blame them? blame the society instead? blame our ways of living? are they fearing failure again because of the past and hated to take anymore chances? history of same things happen all over again? too scare to give/take? i just dont know...dont ask me!

I am a stubborn person myself honestly said, admit that totally hand-down...but do compromise sometime depend of suitation, matters (because of someones/things ...i like/love, i'am willing to) dont it make everyone around you, feel better? even yourself ...own satisfaction secure?! or it just wont work-out (what you think without trying?)

Painless are just plain excuses?
Closedown are escapde to paradise?
Maybe i gonna think it over again if am pushing too hard for happiness, togetherism?!
...or its over, really OVER?!

Like i said... life is only like that, why push (yourself) so hard? COMPROMISE?? just wont, to tell you somebody will change your mind are just my own I.Q. excuse for myself...(to make myself happier), to let you more relax (real fact..nobody can ever change you except yourself)

O.k ...AMi4you23

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