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3/28/2005 7:17 am

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journeys of the spoken word

a collection of poems written by Frank DeFulgentis

champagne breakfast

I want to feel and more. I want you like
never before. I want to sail with
as the sun
lights up the worlds
in the words.

A fantasy comes
true in this moment with you.
The sky of the champagne combust
and lavish lust
sets free a subtle implosion.
Sail through the sun.

Sail through the sun for me,
abandon rationality.
you find passion second
to none as we
sail through the sun.
Hazel girl of the wild
you have the taste
of exotic lips.
At first
I tried to tame your naked name
we will never be the same.

deeper than that

summer was all around us
closing in the invective winter
i felt the vapor

far into the night
she came to me
on a sheet of glass
telling me
she was an angel
she touched me
a little starfish
loved me

may happiness
fill you
do not ever sigh
you are the sweet
taste of morning
the soft sun of a girl


welcome to my blissful state
of the servile craving
and fertile smile
behind the natural spring
the bane of my awakening
let down your hair
remove your
immortal crown of moonstone
and step down from your
venerated love throne

now then
how does the oil feel?
down your back?
steal back the younger
sweetening reflections
and all predilections
come to me


woman with the deep eyes
girl of the emerald city
smile for me
you have a glow
why am i drawn to you?
i don't know
the more wisdom the more grief
on the side of the good
my princess of subtle wonder

turn your soul up
turn your love up
flipside groove
the sweet girls soothe
don't let her in
when you're feeling her skin
the spell
of the siren song
last long

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