~**What would you do**??~  

amberabercrombie 38F
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2/9/2006 8:29 pm

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~**What would you do**??~

I watched an incredible episode of Greys Atamony tonight and it had me thinking...what would you do in a life or death situation for those you love?

Let me give you a run down of this episode, it had me on edge for the hour and it really makes you think what you would do if put in that situation.


A man is brought into the ER, at first no one knows just how grave the situation is...his friend and him had built a homemade device (a bazooka) in playing around with this device he accidentley shot himself....no explosion went off at the time he shot himself.

In the ambulance a young attendent put her hand in his chest to stop him from bleeding out...not knowing that she now has her hand on an explosive device. They get to the ER where one of the interns is informed that there is a bomb inside this man, a code black is called.

The young attendent whom has her hand in this man, panicks and takes it out and runs out of the ER...the interm reflexes quickly and sticks her hand in there, to not only save this man but those she loves....(the episode ended there, will have to see what happens Sunday night) Her life, this mans live and those who are surrounded by her, now depend on her.

So after this episode I was talking with my girlfriend and she asked me, what would I do if put in a life or death situation to protect those I love? Natrually I said I would protect those around me...but would I? Would you? Have you ever been in a near death situation where others lifes have solely depended on you? If not and you were, what you do..?

PS I cant get spell check to work, mind the errors!

sillyperv 55M

2/10/2006 8:21 am

I think these things are done instinctively, stepping in front of family to block a robber with a gun, because you don't have time to think about it. I don't know how I would react if I had time to think about the situation. Freeze in blind terror. Run. Would it be a different choice every time? Don't know. Hope I never have to find out.

whats4dessert2 50M

2/10/2006 9:13 am

Wow tough question.

I think we all would like to believe that we would do the right thing but a lot needs to be taken into consideration here.

Assuming that one could overcome a reflex action and actually make a choice I think that the person in question would have to evaluate who his/her loved ones are.

I think that many people have a lot of great acquaintances but not necessarily a lot of friends. Sure we have people who we like and people who we “click” with but who are our real friends.

In a situation like this you would have I think you would have to decide the impact of you taking action on those that you love and the impact of you NOT taking action on those in the room. I can assure you that, although I like many of the people that I work with, I’m not prepared to throw myself in front of a bus of any of them. This is not true of the people that I consider my true friends.

As a provider for someone and a confidant to others I would have to say that, as cowardly as it may seem, I doubt I would play the hero here. It’s not that I feel my life is more valuable than the stranger with the bazooka shell in his thorax or the other people in the room. It’s simply that my life is more valuable to the people that I care about than the lives of the people in the room.

As for the paramedic that turned tail and ran. I don’t begrudge that person their actions a single bit. Many a widow, widower or orphan has been created by people with a noble cause who had little consideration for the impact their actions would have on others that they love.

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