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1/22/2006 6:04 am

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I forgot my password and logged on here as a guest and wanted to check out my blog, so I typed in my user name...its amazing what you come across when you do this.

I found this post (I apologize, I dont remember how to link it)

But if your to type in my user name in blog searches its the only post that my user name is in that I didnt start on my blog (hope ya got that lol)....and the bloggers name is tamethytension

dating way back when and was elated to see this and a bit surprized...I was actually surprized not to see more woman from Canada, I think we have some of the most beautiful and friendly woman in the world here, not to say other countries dont, im just biast towards mine lol.

I have the picture up I do for very personal career related reasons, it was so nice to see someone out there appriciated that not all woman have to be naked in order to catch a gentlemens attention...however, the pictures he has used that displayed a womans body, were not only sensusal but very classy in taste as well.

I recommend reading this persons blog (ive spend all morning doing so lol) thoughtful, intelligent and generally seems genuine....a rare commodity! Oh and FYI, hes got a bunch of postings like this from beautiful woman all across the world

smackyman 47M
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1/27/2006 12:32 am

I love the pic that you have up. I would have never known that you were using that one for personal career reasons - it is just a very cool, attractive and mysterious shot of you. (Assuming that IS you! *grin*)
Speaking of searching -something that is a bit strange - and everyone's fav mzhunyhole did up a post where she had done a google search on her AdultFriendFinder name - and came up with her blog as a result! I had 212 results under my name and most of those were blog related. Give yours a go for the fun of it to see where else you come up on the web...

PS - Canadian girls - of course I love then! I'm surrounded by them. (thank god!) As the t-shirt says - 'Canadian girls kick ass!'

ULikeBigRed 39M

1/29/2006 1:52 pm

Amber baby - nice photo! Send me some real ones - let's see if we're a match...

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