*damn last night*  

amberabercrombie 38F
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2/5/2006 9:46 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

*damn last night*

Well I didnt have a wild passionate night with him, instead we danced had some drinks went back to his place and kissed long and hard most of the night and cuddled infront of the fireplace, thats it...simple, he stroked my hair most of the night, caressed my cheeks, told me over and over how beautiful I was, couldnt have asked for more and when it came down to it didnt want more....we talked about the possibility of *us* but I realized last night I just want things to stay platonic and as good friends, thats where our paths have lead us, maybe one day, but im not feeling it right now....why do I have to be so good? I could curse myself for having morals! Hes so hot, with a great career and so independent, hello..? lol, whats wrong with me.

Ill just wait for my MR right to unleash the wild passionate love making, hard fast screws, long hours of four play....it will be worth the wait! I can assure myself that much....I think I have alot to give to the right person and know in return ill get the same...one day, ive already seen some really good men out there, I know hes around the corner somewhere, I aint looking for it though lol, im just to damn picky.

rm_z1master 45M

2/5/2006 10:48 am

Wow!! very talented in writing and giving details.. I really love ur work and would encourage you to make a career out of it , trust me you can do it.... Am a person who hates reading and fall asleep on the first page but when i come across ur work , i just read every word and each has a meaning, deep in feelings .. ma lady you are fun to be with and that's for sure but who ya would want to be with is what matters... ya gotta be happy... being picky is not a bad thing or else ya would be with someone where any touch will leave pain instead of pleasure and live with guilt that ya don't wanna leave this person coz he showed ya some emotions ... any way will talk to you some more when i get more time... Have a good one whatever ya do!!

Brainy42 54M

2/5/2006 11:41 am

Been there a couple of times. Have had the opportunity to sleep with a few women and refused not because I didn't want to (God no) but because I didn't feel the circumstances were appropriate. One girl was just too drunk. Another girl was wanting to "hurt" her cheating husband by cheating with me. A third was in town on business and I just wasn't comfortable having sex and knowing I'd probably never see her again.

If I were less of a gentleman, I'd probably get a lot more nookie. Oh well, c'est la vie.

rm_z1master 45M

2/5/2006 7:29 pm

ya never cease to amaze me ma lady with ur wild imagination and experienced mind in how satisfying ya can be, ya got it right the fisrt time ...cherry she liked .. any way perhps we find out about each other in private coz am shy...very shy...oh yes I am...

To the sistahs reading dis..
They ask me where the passion lies...I tell them, right between your thick juicy thighs, tired of fuckin other niggas wifes cause they can't do the job, robbin Peter to pay Paul. I did yo girl yesterday in the hall. Bitch was thick I had to bend her ova and then lick.Ass so big ass so phat plus on top of that she wasn't no damn hood rat. So being the chi-town illest nigga, go figga I got the motion to make yo pussy flow like the ocean sea, like a cold summer breeze from the lake, just one touch of this dick just might make, you go insane with pain when I put him inside sweet screams of please when I be strokin between your thick thighs.......sighs and all that is what I like to hear, I'm so talented I got my dick in my left hand and a beer in right and I still know how the stroke and make evrything alright.... After all the haters left I returned.....

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