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7/13/2006 2:12 am

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Your first time!!

Since you secretly shared your most intimate first anal experience with me today, my mind has been in the gutter, conjuring up vivid images of you on all fours, in full flight of orgasmic delight, the only significant difference being I’m the PLEASURER!!

As I lie in bed last night, waiting futile & forlornly for her to come to bed, knowing her obsession with her AdultFriendFinder play mates will keep her from my side till way past midnight, I lay there day dreaming, erotic images of what could have been flashing thru my fertile mind, my body quickly responding with sensuous awakening to this erotic fantasy, my slumbering John Thomas springing to attention, yearning for a firm, warm tender embrace, the crowning head & shaft growing rock hard, jerking in my hand, as if with a life of its own.

“Awakening from a post coital slumber, my hands drift down to embrace your warm & glowing naked body, our tired limbs entwined, still exhausted from a night of ecstasy & passion, my limp member slowly reviving, rearing its mushroom head, snaking into the damp, cum soaked crevice below the base of your spine, searching downwards for your sweet honey pot. You groan with anticipation, still half asleep, lifting your delicious rump to accept my unexpected intrusion. Ever so slowly, I slip my engorged cock against your tight prune shaped love hole, the holiest of holies.

Never before have you yielded to my nagging request for anal sex, always apprehensive & fearful of unconfirmed old wife’s tales of agonizing pain from your mother & frigid friends.

My probing head thrusts against an unyielding donut of inexplicable erogenous pleasure, you groan once more, not moving away as I expected, still in an exhausted dream filled slumber. Reaching behind me on the bedside table I anxiously but quietly, with overpowering shudders of anticipated ecstasy rushing thru my lions, grab the KY lube & hurriedly spurt it into my hand, gently reaching down and retracting my rampant spearhead, spreading liberal quantities on the tip and down the shivering shaft, ever so softly smearing it onto your holiest of holies, slipping my small finger slowly into & around the clenching sphincter muscle, very gently & careful so as not to wake you from your deep sleep.

Once more, your tight bung hole nicely lubricated and softly massaged with my index finger, bringing gurgles of ecstatic delight bubbling from your throat, I continue my assault on this perpetual pit of unpermitted pleasure, this time slowly slipping just the tip of my cock head into the centre of the rim, gently but firmly thrusting the head beyond the point of no return.

You awake with a loud groan of unexpected pleasure, your sphincter muscles contracting; wanting to repel the unwanted intruder, but slowly awakening to the feelings of unexpected rapture from my unwarranted & unauthorized penetration, prickles of ecstasy permeating into your foggy dream filled conscious, you lie still by natural instinct, getting use to my pulsing shaft in your anal cavity, strangely overpowered by mixed feeling of horror & enthralling ecstasy, ever so slowly uncurling your awakening body, involuntary inching my thrusting cock deeper into your anus.

Feelings of inexplicable tenderness & ecstasy wash over our copulating bodies, our surging, shuddering bodies once again becoming one. Ripples of pleasure cascade thru our trembling bodies as we, at first very slowly get use to these intense erotic sensations, gently building up & becoming more bold as we start warming up to these wonderful overpowering sensory perceptions of utter delight tumbling thru our inner beings, pulling, thrusting at one another with animal passion, biting, scratching with flailing hands of ecstatic pleasure, wanting more, giving more, accepting nothing less than total surrender & ultimate victory. Riding on the crest of an orgasmic wave of delight, I once more slam into your totally yielding body, swallowed and sucked into your most erotic inner being, only to be thrust back out by your tight sphincter muscles & clenching buttocks to the apex of expulsion, rammed back in by my pounding body, riding wave after wave of ecstasy like a surfer caught in a wave of perpetual motion, rocking, heaving, giving, pleasing, pleasuring, finally cresting on the foaming brink of the mother of all mother fuckers, trying our utmost to stay at the top of our journey of bone jarring ecstasy, the crumbling wave crashing down into the through and slammed onto the surging sands of sensuality, as wave after wave of foam filled orgasms shuddered thru our sweat soaked sodden & shaking bodies. We collapse into an exhausted heap of entwined limbs, curling into a lip locked embrace, gasping for air, giggling with hysterical laughter borne from our most wonderful erotic encounter to date!!”

The annoying buzzing sound persisted, despite my every effort to cling to my precious fantasy drenched sleep. Yet another day had dawned, I wonder what today will bring!!

Will it be fact or fantasy??

sunshinekzn 59F

7/13/2006 2:59 am

Wow let us meet and make it a fact!!!!!

alwaysnaughtly 60M/59F

7/20/2006 2:56 am

Each to his own my friend, each to his own!! Not all of us are esoteric scribes who can save the universe from extinction!! Love your blogs though!! Mine alas, will never win the Pulitzer Prize!!
It is mere erotic fantasy, perhaps a sign of sexual repression or belated middle aged exultation!! Whatever makes the world go around, n around , n around!! We all have our bug bears or is it hug bears?? I wonder, I wonder how many times you've been had, how many times you've been bad, how many times you've had sex, do you know who'll be next??

tvrvixen 60M
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9/14/2006 8:27 am

It was a quiet cold night, darkness all around you, waiting anxiously for your
ride, as I came around the corner. Pulling up to you in my Porsche, I reached
over and push open the door. You slid backward into the seat and swing your
legs inside. I could tell by your slow yet stiff controlled motions and
stoic silence that you are a little nervous about what you are about to do.
Even though it was something you'd been looking forward to for a long time
if not for your entire young life. To ease the tension and loosen you up a
little, I reached behind the seat and pulled out a cold bottle of flavored
vodka, twisted off the cap, and handed it to you. Your eyes lit up in
excitement, anticipating the inevitable relief of alcohol. "Here, take a
shot of this, it'll warm you for now and fire you up for tonight." "Hey, I
wasn't expecting this!" You eagerly put the bottle to your mouth and
swallowed, followed by a gasp as the alcohol burned its way down your throat
and soon rushed to your head. "Yeah well get ready, there's more of the
unexpected yet to come." I said, knowing that it'd get you thinking about
the upcoming night. By now, your thoughts had probably turned to
apprehension, even maybe wanting to back out at the last moment. I could
somehow sense that you are scared. Who wouldn't be? But in a bizarre way,
your fears and anxiety could only intensify the moment. I handed you the
bottle again and you took a big swig; although it wasn't meant to calm you
but to dispel your obvious fears. Adding to your bewildered state, I fired
up a bone and handed it to you.
"That's just for starters babes, have a toke on this." By now I knew that
your head was swimming, you were getting hotter and hornier by the minute,
and that you'd be more than ready for anything by the time we got there.
Besides the more frightened you are, the more excited you'd get. We rode in
silence. You must be extremely nervous by now; there's nothing to worry
about, it only adds to the overall excitement. The illicit nature of going
through with this only makes it seem more bizarre, kinkier, wilder. That
only intensifies the fantasy. I avoided talking in order to allow the
tension to build; this wasn't the time to calm your fears. After all, I knew
it'd be all right, I'd be right there to safely orchestrate and oversee your
every pleasure and then some. Everything was arranged according to plan. You'd
be wet and wild by that time. "We're almost there, you excited?" I asked.
Already knowing the answer, I just wanted to build up the moment. "Will you
still like me afterwards?" you worriedly asked in your coy little girl way.
"Sure honey, I'll love you even more," I reassured. "Don't worry about me,
this is all about you...go ahead and have a good time. I really want this to
be all about you." After this, I'd be the one person in her life she could
fully trust and not be afraid to do or say anything. Maybe even, the only
person to love her for her. Who else could she be fully open with, who else
would understand, who else ever really cared about her in this way?
Rockville Pike was lit up in rainbows of yellow, red, blue and white neon,
colors set against the dark blue-black night sky like some artificial
sunset, creating a kind of mysterious mood, strange glamour and sinful aura
that arouses one's hidden passions. I reached over and took your hand in
mine and you responded by gripping it firmly and looking over at me with
that kind of little girl submissive expression. I smiled to myself; it felt
great to be with this little Hottie. Weaving my way through the light
evening traffic, getting over to the far left lane, turning into the Days
Inn, the shock came over you and you quickly jerked your hand away from mine
as if you'd just been burned on a hot stove. That was understandable, for we
crossed the threshold between reality and fantasy; there was no turning back
I made my way up to the far back parking lot of the Motel. It was dark and
very private there with hardly any cars; most legitimate patrons choosing
rooms up in the front close to the bar and restaurant. Not us, especially
not on this night. I swung the car directly in front of our ground floor
room, the headlights brightly illuminating the bright green steel door, room
#169. Beyond that door would be our entrance into a world of unabashed sex
and wanton lust. Everything was perfect, and so was you, my sexy little
sweetie. Entering the darkness, I threw on the lights, illuminating a good
sized room, done in typical modern-motel motif, with oversized beige ceramic
bedside lamps shaped like urns, a long Formica faux-mahogany credenza with
21 inch color TV complete with a pay-porn box on top, light beige blush
carpeting, rice paper-like pastel wallpaper, everything done in a desperate
attempt to be nothing more than neutral. In the very middle of it all like
some grand center stage it'd soon become, was a giant king size bed with
green floral comforter. I could already picture you, you little cutie, lying
naked, spread eagle across the bed.
I helped you off with your coat, threw it on the green couch by the door,
spun you around, grabbed your shoulders pulling your lithesome little body
toward me, pressing my face to yours and planting my lips firmly on your
succulent full little lips, my tongue entering your wet mouth, touching and
probing that soft pink tongue of yours. Your expression changed and swooned
as the perverse pleasure of what was to come came over you. Sitting you back
onto the gigantic bed, I began to remove your boots. Laying you back on the
bed, I unzipped your skintight jeans, tugging and pulling them off your
tight little buns and down your slim legs, along came your already moist
pink lacy see-thru thong. Seeing your glistening wet pussy, I touched it as
softly as I could with my open hand and you whimpered like a tiny little
puppie. At the same time, I went down on your wet pink pussy with my mouth
and tongue, eagerly parting and tasting your now flowing juices, sucking on
your sweet swollen pink lips, and flicking my tongue roughly over your
now-hard little clit.
"That feels sooo good, don't stop, I'll do whatever you want," you'd moan
and plead.
All the while, you'd be gyrating and grinding your hips and cunt into my
face matching my every move. I moved up your body, lifted your back up
slightly, and pulled your sweatshirt up over your head and outstretched
arms, exposing your fleshy firm pointed breasts with their rock hard pink
little nipples. Naturally, I just had to suck those pretty breasts. I
reached down, unfastened my zipper, pulling out my now raging and swollen
hard cock and grabbing your hand, directed it down to touch my shaft. You
eagerly grabbed it and starting stroking it wildly.
"You love cock, any cock, don't you...you sexy little thing."
"Yes, yes, I do," you'd whisper, "I love to stroke your cock, I can't help
myself, I can never get enough. Give it to me, please. I want it so badly.
I'm always thinking about it. I can't help myself, I need it."
You aggressively went down and swallowed my cock making me moan with all the
force and tempo of your wanton attack. After awhile, I stood up and taking
you by both of your hands, lifted you off the bed and led you into the
bathroom. I turned on the shower, adjusted it into a soft fine warm mist,
and climbed into it with you. You'd kneel down in the tub facing me, the
water cascading all over you, and suddenly suck my cock. You never sucked
cock more hungrily. Soon I withdrew it from your eager mouth, reached under
your shoulders and lifted you up onto your feet, held your shaking body
tightly against mine, the soapy warm wetness pressed between our naked
flesh. I then soaped up your entire beautiful little body especially
rubbing her cute little twat and ass. I took the showerhead off its
attachment and with its long hose; I could direct it anywhere on your naked
body. Setting the water to a strong constant stream, I held the nozzle to
your little pussy first, making you squirm and gyrate to the constant
stream. I then directed it to your cute little behind and pointed the jet of
water up your ass. Your body jerked and stiffened as the stream gushed into
your tight little hole like a forceful warm enema. The spent water ran down
your legs, your ass soaked spotless, wide and gaping, ready and wanting to
be entered by me.
The sensation of the turbulent water up your ass had you panting and raving
for more. This was a new and novel exciting experience for you. I didn't
wait in putting my hard cock up your now-clean wet little asshole. Your
excitement mounting, I reached around to your front while still penetrating
your rear. I started rubbing and fingering your swollen pussy, as your hips
and ass soon began gyrating into my crotch. Your tight ass seemed to grip my
swelling dick even harder, your orgasm was building, and suddenly, you
exploded in the greatest orgasm of your entire life. Your limp body
instantly fell into my arms and began to shake hysterically. You let out a
huge groan as the rush of your juices ran down your legs in a flood of
multiple orgasms. Your head tilted back against my chest and your whole body
went limp in my embrace. I held you firmly until I could feel the rushes
subsiding. Removing my swollen cock from deep inside your ass, you
completely fell into my strong arms. I carefully and gently lifted you out
of the shower.
I began wiping you down with soft warm towels, turning you around and doing
your beautiful back and behind. Your eyes slowly opened and blinked, looking
around as if you'd been in a trance and didn't know where you were or with
whom. Soon they focused on me and then you smiled, beaming in total delight,
absolute sexual satisfaction, and final gratification.
Helping you out of the bathroom, I led you, my arm around you, to the
immense bed. You fell back across it, fulfilled and spent, but only for the
moment. In a short while, you'd want and have more.******************


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