For Dean - Written March 2005  

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8/14/2005 11:13 pm

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For Dean - Written March 2005

Thoughts of him last night
Made my heart spin
As well as the room
I was all alone in

The winter wind
Moaned & howled outside
As it carried him farther..farther.. away
Into the night

My raging emotions
Would of turned this season to Spring
For all that he is
Inside me; within

I close my eyes
It's like he is here
His voice... His touch..
I can feel him, so near

Once again
I was in his arms
Held close; against
I felt my heart pound

Flying with ecstasy quiet whimpers abound
A giggling plea for the climax - I found

Smiles.. ear to ear
Which he helped me again find
This man fills not only my heart
But also my mind

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