stepping on my dick  

altimaser05 38M
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6/6/2006 5:08 am
stepping on my dick

that is the topic for today boys and girls, stepping on your dick. i've been spending some quality time with some women and i bash them with these blogs. am i that stupid? i guess so. i mean, they're helping me out in a big way. i love to have sex and then i slap them in the face because i am insecure?
i feel like shit for what i say on this thing. i just think it looks funny when a black man is dating a white woman, same goes for body types. i have this neighbor- she's the complete opposite of him. i can't go completely into specifics but it is their frames of their bodys that differ so much. i've heard about the opposites attract thing. i don't believe in that totally, i think differences do but not complete opposites.
i'm guessing that i am just too full of myself. i think i should have better all the time. that's been my whole life though. my upbringing told me this. my dad always told me, get the best the first time, if you don't you'll have to keep replacing them. if that holds true with people, i think i'm in trouble. that's it for me i have to get back to work.

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