Answering Comments from the Magazine-Erotic Stories that I posted.  

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Answering Comments from the Magazine-Erotic Stories that I posted.

Hi, need to apologize; I mistakenly posted "Wife Turns Into a Swinger Part 5" twice. Wasn't paying attention as I was perusing the site, and forgot I had posted it please excuse the mistake. Also I noted the last couple of stories had some errors, spell checker is not as smart as one would hope. Will be more careful about proof reading them in the future. Also a couple of comments and emails asked if what I was writing is true or wishful thinking (the term fantasy) was used. Can't blame some of you for thinking that, and can't change your minds if you feel that way, however, if anything I have down played the situations I wrote about. Names may have been changed, not to protect the innocent, but because I forgot some of the one niter’s names and made them up. A couple of short fantasies entered the picture, but they were indicated as fantasies, in a "wish we could have" context or flat stated they were fantasies, and then only in a couple of places. Hope that clears it up for those of you who are thinking what we had was too good to be true.

I know it does sound too good to be true, I was a very lucky man! Also one comment indicated the writer wondered what Di looked like now. Well to me she is just as sexy as ever. Don't believe she would have much trouble finding as many men as she wanted to partake of her charms this date either. But until I get her final OK to become active again, and that shouldn't take too long we are more or less the average couple with a past. Her only hang up now is that we have to be discrete here on the Space Coast. Will probably have to travel to the surrounding towns, like Orlando. While traveling in the military, discretion was not a factor, when I retired and we settled down, with high visibility jobs, family close by and becoming permanent members of a community we had to taper off until we quite the more erotic public display and partner search.

Things have changed a little, and as long as we use discretion, hate that word, and take the public display to Orlando or other large communities we should be able to enjoy that lifestyle again. You only live once!

What does Di look like: Well she is 59, not a young fox anymore, but a very sexy looking older lady. Nice long legs and an ass to die for! She is a natural woman, and refuses to dye her hair; thankfully, I am not into the phony dye jobs. Therefore she has gray hair now, instead of black. She has a very distinguished look about her but oozes friendliness and mature sex. Not as thin as when she was younger, but more to an older man's taste, full figured, not heavy at all. Still gets my cock's attention I can tell you. Still wears no panties or bra, so still am treated to a nice view of her pussy in public at times. Dresses are now longer, as her job requires professionalism, but hope to change that when we get active again, at least when we go out or visit other cities nearby. Nipples are still on display poking against her dresses or blouses, but that is a normal thing in today's world, still love the look though. Does wear panty nylons to work a lot no panties under them, but sheds them when she gets home. A lot of the younger men on this site indicate that they like older mature women; well Di is the kind of woman who would get their cocks hard and dripping in a flash, not a grandma type in the least.

Pictures, some have asked about that too. Once Di agrees and believe me she will, we have been married over 40 years and I know her too well, I will have no qualms about posting them on our profile or sending them to members who request them. Reading my stories should tell you that she will return once we start thinking about it seriously, which we are starting to now. What about me some have asked, yes I'm 62, but do not have a gray hair in my head, well maybe a couple. Have been told I do not look my age and will post my picture when Di and I have agreed to proceed down this road again. What am I hiding, nothing, have sent a picture of myself to one requester via email already, and will continue to do so when asked.

I know that some may be leery of some members; I am also, as this is fairly new to me. Was a member of a sister site a while back hoping to get back into the fold, however dropped my membership because I wasn't sure about bringing the subject up with Di. Things are looking up now so joined just a few days ago again, and feel everything is now heading in the right direction. I am not one to pressure my wife, a little coaxing maybe but no pressure is why I have taken my time. I feel quite confident that in short order Di will be spreading her legs for other men again, and my libido will increase with each occasion.

I am explaining all of this because I am not one to misrepresent us to anyone, and the questions I have received via comments in the Magazine or email. Thanks for listening, and please forgive me for using the forum (Magazine - Erotic Stories) in a manner it was not meant for. I will be posting Part 6 of "Wife Becomes a Swinger" probably tonight or tomorrow and hope you all enjoy it.

Thanks for listening.

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