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7/25/2006 8:37 am

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sex cushions, sex pillows,

someone asked about sex cushions and sex pillows...i wanted to respond to her question and learned i needed to be a member of their group and must live in the mid west...since i don't qualify for the group i will comment here in a blog....i have some sex cushions/pillows....they are fantastic...yes they are a bit can you put a price on enhancing love making...also they are great for those of us with aging knees...bringing the central body parts into alignment easing the wear and tear on our joints...they are great and make a super adult play ground...i want to get a swing as an additional pleasure can be a family came for a visit...i had to hide them at a friend's house while they were here...the cube, small wedge and large wedge, the stage, and ramp are my toys...there is a new huge cushion i have seen that is in the form of an s shape...called the is the grand cushion of cushions in my on my list to buy....for those of you who want to try something different and somewhat available i suggest getting a horseshoe shaped cushion used for elevating babies upper torso while they drink a bottle, cost is minimal about fifteen bucks in any baby works great on raising your hips up and have your partner reach your g spot...also excellent under the man while a woman sits on top of him...i would be interested in anyone's experiences with any of these items...or suggestions...

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7/27/2006 8:44 am

You seem to have thought this all out very carefully and it is clear that you enjoy yourself. I have see, I think, the cusions you talk about but like everything else was a little skeptical. Having read your endorsement I guess I'll have to go out a buy them or find someone like yourself that is looking enjoy their benifits together. We may be aging but we still know whats important in life; fun and as much of it as we can get, keep up th egood work

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