Day THREE!  

alone2long2005 48M
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8/16/2006 3:45 pm

WOOHOO! Here we are at day 3!
Note to anyone considering the Nicoderm CQ patch: be prepared for ADD-like symptoms that can come on at any...ooh! shiny object...
Today, I put the patch back on my chest where it belongs. Yes, I know it's not supposed to be so close to my heart. Know what?
It's working and I'm not having chest pains or anything and I don't have to worry about losing the damn thing (see last post). Besides, I'm only on max dose for another 4 days, then it goes down to the 14mg patch. I think I can handle it.
I'm finding that I can be around smokers and not want one... that's the most amazing thing about this experience so far. I was afraid that my highly suggestive personality would cause me to fall if I hung around smokers too much. I did kinda/sorta want one, but more than that I was choking and gagging on the smoke and that kinda killed the urge.
HEY! Any of you chemists out there reading this blong, ponder this: you can make a FORTUNE if you can figure out some sort of smoker's version of Anabuse. For those who don't know, Anabuse is a drug given to hard-core alcoholics who have tried every other means of quitting booze but failed. Once the dosage gets into their system, alcohol makes them violently ill. Come up with something like that for smokers and I'll be your first customer! I hate to puke worse than anything, so if you give me a drug that will cause me to associate puking with smoking, I'm sure that'll be all she wrote for me and the cigs!
OK, that's my report for today. "Everybody have fun tonight; everybody Wang Chung tonight!"

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