What's a Beetle Nut Girl?  

rm_alohatopper 41M
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8/31/2006 6:27 pm
What's a Beetle Nut Girl?

Have you ever heard of Beetle Nut Girls?

If you know about them, have your post and tell me about your experiences with Beetle Nut Girls. How can one define a Beetle Nut Girl? What do you think of them?

Here's my 5 cents;
Beetle Nut Girls are a rare species that only exists in Taiwan, that is a country in Far East Asia.
A Beetle Nut Girl is a young and pretty lady dressed sparesly, sometimes more and sometimes less sparesly depending on the location, sitting in a glass cage by the side of the road, looking pretty and selling coffee, cigarettes and, what else, beetle nuts to people that drive by in their cars and trucks.
My personal experiences with Beetlenut Girls have been lovely so far. I stop the car at the side of the road next to her glass cage, she comes out and asks me what I'd like in a very friendly tone of voice. I order a coffee and a pack of cigarettes, she walks back up into her glass cage, gets the goods and delivers them with a smile. I'm a very shy person, but once in a while if I bump into a girl that I like a lot I'll tell her how pretty she is. I'll take all my courage, my face turns red and I try my best to give out a compliment that doesn't sound all pinky winky funny bunny.
I've stopped at this one girls booth just three days ago, and simply had to go back yesterday again; she was so pretty with such a cute smile!!!!.... and she even said thank you when I complimented her on her looks. I just fell in love with her the moment I saw her - day dreams oh what wonderful day dreams.

By the way, I've lived in Taiwan, which is an island state south of Japan and north of the Philipines for some time already. If this blog sounds a bit local, please excuse, and of course ask questions if you'd like.

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