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almondgirl26 38F
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6/12/2006 11:36 pm

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5/3/2007 11:58 pm

Out of Controll

Last night on my last day off I was just sitting here at home family over and all of a sudden I got this feel a surge went through me.I am a Leo I like to stay in control of everything ex specially when it comes to my body,but this was unnatural.I wanted to scream and cry at the same time the pressure that was building up and the fight I was trying to put up was making me dizzy.I thought oh shit what can I do?I started rocking back and forth in my seat cause I had on some pretty tight jeans and the frown on my face made my family ask me what was wrong.I was in trouble and my pussy was pulsating with every move I made.I started looking around were could I go to get that feeling taken care of cause I was not in control my other person that freak called Carmel Delight was surfacing and she didn't care who was there.That Bitch was on a mission and it needed to be fixed.So,I finally made it on my feet with a little extra swagger in my hips to hold onto the pressure so I wouldn't burst right then and there.I walked around letting people know hey you gotta go,they looked at me and blew me off like whatever we'll go when were ready .Well of course that lioness in me had to wreck shop I was frustrated and on the edge of insanity so I kindly said motherfuckers you gotta go and I mean now.My mom was there and she gave me a look of I am gonna kill you. I told here I was sorry but she still had to gothey did, not quick enough but they did leave.I snatched off my clothes so fast grabbed that trusty friend of mine,pussy just throbbin the hold time.I stretched across the bed led my dildo in this pussy licked my pointer and middle finger and went to work rubbin this clit and fucking this pussy the sensation was explosive like I had fire running all over my body and it was making it's way to one point and when it finally,finally gathered at that point of no return with the grindin and throbbing, juices all over my quilt( multiple orgasm back to back and I still wasn't finish it was still on fire) I exploded and my body shook so hard it was like the earth moved.Now keep in mind I like to stay in control of myself and I only let Carmel Delight out to play when needed but last night she,I,we put my ass to sleep.

Moral of this story is that since I have been on this site that freak in me is getting stronger and carmel is ready to play are you ready for her?

Please don't be afraid to post your comments they are all welcome.

dabigdaddy69 55M  
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8/3/2006 5:32 pm

yes baby, i am so ready for her, i wish i was in waco now!
i am so sorry i could not be reach for help.
please don't let that fine pussy go out of control again!my tongue is ready and my cock is hard as a rock.
i will eat you, suck you and fuck that fine pussy till it pop up!
i want to see you sucking me so bad , you have the most sexy looking lips baby!

rm_2step96 44M
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10/25/2006 11:10 am

listen, i am just down the street. All u got to do is say bring it..the pussy will pop/explode. I promise you.

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