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7/10/2006 5:08 am

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It's like earching for Bigfoot. Trying to find an actual profile for someone who isn't a bot, a phish or someoneone who THOUGHT they could handle a response from a real member is just like hunting for Bigfoot. Yeah...sometimes you hear things in the forest, or actually see a track or two but for the most part a willing and true phone partner is one elusive fucking beast.
And don't even try hunting in the 'chat' rooms. They're full of cliques that always seem to wind up laying ridicule on those who are looking for anything less than a god-like sex experience. C'mon...they're there for the same thing. A hookup with someone who likes the same things they do without all the complications of having to track it down in a nightclub scene or trying to date your way into a hook-up. What I want is just different. Why make it harder for us or the cyber folks...or even "BIGDICKMATT" from wisconsin who simply wants to show you his cock on cam so he can get off? Leave the hate at login.
I guess I'm just frustrated that I've had to change my profile from something that started with a little class to a full blown 'PLEASE CALL ME I'M DESPERATE' type of ad. The bait has to be pretty large indeed when all you want is some good phone sex. But when you do catch that little leprechaun...oh what a pot of gold it can bring you. I was lucky enough to have a true response to my add in the beginning, when it sounded like it came from an adult. We shared a session just the other night. A bit awkward, but satisfying just as with any new sex partner. God willing, she'd like to hook up again and things would be smoother the next time now that I know the rules a bit better.
Anyways, my point is this:
We are all here for the same thing, a good time with people who share our views and wants and desires. If you share those things in common with me, then please, reply away and maybe we can clear us some distance from the haters and the fakes and see where the field truly lies for us. I for one am for real, so ladies...if you're into what I am...drop me a line. Fellas...the REAL ones...leave some contact for the ladies that are reading this.

PhoneSex34 46F

7/18/2006 5:54 pm

I hear you.
Things are just too messed up now.
Gotta take my ad down and stop ... just stop thinking things are gonna get any better.
Yeah, people in chat rooms can be assholes sometimes. I've given, I've received, the human race just sux.
Sorry. Good luck.

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