it is time is it not?  

allisgone 40M
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5/22/2006 12:10 am
it is time is it not?

well hello, and how are you?
i was here a time ago and so i came back to tell a story.. so we can call this diary of a madman, or a suicide in the works. what ever you like.
but i must say that this is no joke, all that i say will happen and all that i say will be done.
first off i am going to die, i will kill myself, but before i go i want to tell my story.
So lets talk about pain can we? yes pain a simple word but what does it mean to us? pain 4 little letters, one idea.. so easy to say right?
so how has felt real pain? not the hurt your foot kind but, rip your heart out kind? i am talking about the kind that tares your soul apart. the one that shatters you mind and splinters your heart and soul. so can we talk about it you and i? it's just us here right now
so what do you say? shall we talk about it? pain is it all we have to live for? is it all we have to die for? i think so,,, it is all that i have left and it is all i have to die for.. the time is coming soon ,,,,,,
i am going to die soon i just need to take care of a few things and then it all ends. i will tell my story till the day i go and i will tell why , but i need to pass out right now so i will tell more tomorrow.

the dead one

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