anaymous... (part 1)  

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8/24/2006 6:46 pm
anaymous... (part 1)

i walk up to the restaurant entrance...its a humid summer evening and the green dress i was instructed to wear clings to my curves in the sweltering i walk through the door the air conditioning slams into my body warmed from the outdoors making goosebumps rise on my flesh...the custodian not so subtly appreciates the way my erect nipples press against the thin material..but has the grace to avert his eyes when i notice...i inform him that i am to meet someone at the bar...he gestures with his hand and a waiter appears..something is whispered in his ear...and i am immediately escorted to a long and lavish bar in a classy candlelit room...i perch on the high backed stool slowly crossing my legs as i peruse the room...the bartender interrupts to ask for my drink order...then i continue to scrutinize my surroundings...i glance from table to table searching for what i don't know..i have never gazed upon your face....i would only know you by your voice...being the voyeur that i am i study every table carefully...but i quickly dismiss the tables occupied with will be have the unfair advantage of knowing my visage...and having requested what color i should eyes meet with several men...some hold my stare..others quickly glance away...i'm nervous and bite my lips in anticipation..the butterflies that have been bouncing around in my belly all day have yet to calm down...i take a few sips of my drink...wondering if you see me..hoping my anxiety is not so obvious...i set my drink down and glance up...that is when my eyes lock with yours...i tilt my head to the side and smirk back...i'm not sure how i know its you..but i don't move so i muster up all my courage and rise from my seat...the butterflies explode in a frenzy of movement in my belly...i approach the table you sit at slowly keeping eye contact with you as i cross the room...i stop in front of your table just as you rise to pull out a chair...our eyes still feasting on each others as i move your chair closer to mine and close your leg touches mine all the way from my hip ...down my my calf...i feel the heat of your skin against mine even through the clothing...i smell the warm and inviting scent of man so close..i approve of your choice in gesture with your hand and a waiter speak and i hear your voice for the first time since i got here as you ask him to retrieve my drink that i left at the bar in my nervousness...i realize i had been holding my breath and exhale slowly...i take a long pull from my libation when its placed in front of me and i feel your eyes on me...analyzing me...i drink some more before returning my attention to're resting your elbow on the table..with your head in your hand facing me with a bemused expression on your gesture again and my empty drink is seem content to watch me..but the silence is unnerving and i long to break reach up with your hand idly twirling a silken strand of dark hair that has escaped the stylish twist i had constructed...the hand leaves the hair and you brush the back of your hand gently over my cheek...then down my pulse leaps towards your fingers as you slow your hand over eyes are wide and my breath quickens...your touch opens something deep inside of me causing me to lose the ability to grin as if you could read my mind..knowing what you are doing to are still resting your head in your hand..apparently casual to anyone observing the scene...but i see the intensity in your eyes..i see the pleasure you garner from registering my reaction to you in my read me so well...i cant hide from you...i don't even finally tear your eyes from mine and they leisurely follow the trail your hand had taken down my neck and you see your hand against my skin...the contrast of color...and take it all in...recording it forever in your finally begin to speak in low tones...a deep timbre barely above a whisper..for me only..i am forced to focus and listen intently to catch every utterance you make..i lean a little closer so as not to miss a thing you express your approval of my appearance...your pleasure in my company..your reverence of my existence...i'm taken by your words..i'm drowning in their content and deep sincerity...your utterances create a world where its only me and you...our surroundings fade away until we are all alone...i hear nothing but you..i see nothing but you..i feel nothing but your hand on my pulse..your leg pressing against mine..your breath lightly stroking my cheek as you speak...

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