Mimi and me ... and the cum after  

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3/10/2006 11:01 pm
Mimi and me ... and the cum after

Looking back, Mimi sorta reminds me of Nell Carter. She was round and her shape was as comforting as Santa's. Mimi did not service many men; she seemed more to be the house Mama.

After my session with the boys, Luke smiled at me but Mimi frowned at him. They went into the other room and I heard her ask if he was out of his mind an underaged white girl -- the cops would hang him no matter how much he kept them happy.

I noticed she was not careful to raise her voice and perhaps that was my first lesson in learning how to deal with men.

It was Mimi who came out of the room and sat with me on the sofa. "Honey, you feeling all right?"

I was - I felt like a full grown woman. I felt like I knew something the girls my age didn't -- no matter how pretty or popular they were.

I felt like I knew more than the boys we hung out with knew -- even Ralphie who thought of himself as a lover.

Mimi pulled me close and into her large breasts. I could feel her stroking the back of my head and I enjoyed how warm and safe I felt in her arms.

All of a sudden there was a giggle and I looked up.

The curtain dividing one room from another was moving and I knew there was at least one other girl in there. I moved back and Mimi let me go paying attention instead to what was going on in the other room.

"You girls that bored?"

There was silence. I saw Tanya - that was the girl who first brought me here pull back the curtain. She was wearing a short skirt and her legs were draped over the arm.

"We ain't doing nothing Mimi. Just telling each other stories about men we've met."

Mimi was smart enough to know that was I lie.

I was still dumb enough to believe it. I also as too dumb at that point to figure out that Mimi was the safest woman for Luke to have running the house because Mimi didn't like men and would not be tempted by offers made by the male customers or other pimps.

Tanya and the others, I am sure each tested by Mimi, knew that the motherly like woman was enjoying my warm breath between her breasts and had they not disturbed us Mimi would have wanted more.

All these things went through my mind as I lay in my own bed at home where no one knew I had become a paid whore, and where no one ever imagined I could like it so much.

As I thought I felt a need between my legs. I allowed my hands to slide under the blanket and into my panties. They were wet. I brought my fingers back up to my nose. I thought they smelled like a man but I would come to find that they smelled like a woman who wanted a man.

Sliding my hand back, I parted the lips with two fingers of one hand and slid in a finger from the other. It felt good and I could not get enough. Soon it was two fingers and then three. At that point, my imagination reverted to Ralphie and how his cock felt so good inside me and how he pumped it in without caring whether it felt good to me, and it didn't when he was doing it, because I did not know what to feel, but now, now my fingers were his cock and it felt good and I wanted more, and my bed creaked and I moaned.

I thought about sucking Luke's big cock, and how the boys used me, and how I did not mind it, and how it was nice not to have to protest but just enjoy it, and then I thought of how hot it would be to get paid sucking and fucking rather than giving it away, and I thought about Mimi's breasts and I wondered what her nipples were like and then there was a light beyond my door that invaded the darkness of my room as it opened.

My father was standing there in his boxers.

"Are you all right,?" he asked

The thought of my father having a long hard cock too caused me to fill my hand with warm wet cum, and added a totally new fantasy to my mind.

"Bad dream," I lied. It was perhaps the best dream I had had so far in my life.

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