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all4u901 53M/52F
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7/24/2005 1:35 pm

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4/7/2008 12:22 pm

anal sex

Are there really women out there that enjoy it. We would like to know the secrets to good safe anal sex. My wife says she is interested in her first dp and she would prefer for me to be the one at the backdoor for her first time. Any one interested or any advise to offer. All suggestions are welcome.


rm_dunk1011 68M
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7/29/2005 2:43 am

All i can say is its a developed taste, Go slow and easy the first time and use lots of lub. Start out with a finger or a small toy untill the musles relax and then enjoy. An I do loke anal and Dp.

bungmeister 56M

8/3/2005 9:19 pm

I have broken in many women . The key is for it to be 100% consensual, and to gently prep, and lube, then lube some more. Begin by rimming if you like that--I will not fuck what I will not eat -lol-and then got to a finger, and lube some more, and 2, then let her ride your fingers and do the humping--stay still. Some women go crazy from the anal alone ot clit stimulation along with the anal adds to the experience. When it comes time to put the cock there, lube the cock--alot and then just place it there at the opening--feel each others' pulses. Let her move back over you if possible. Be gentle with her at first--every time. Hard fucking comes soon enough.Once the head is past the muscles the shaft may slide in too easily for him, and scare her into a spasm. She must also remember to concentrate on breathing full breaths, this will avoid a spasm as well.If the muscles do spasm, take a break, caress, be close, and try later or another day--if the muscles are closed serious damage can result. Once its in thoug, all should relax after a inute or two and you both can start a rhythymn. Le ther be the guide if she rears into you go for more--many will want a solid hard asfuck the first time, others soft and gentle always every time. Often the man may cun too sonn--that is common and maybe anal; should not be the first load of the nite. Good luc and remember, use a thick lube like anal lube brand or astro glide thick or ky with many reapplications--I find wet or astroglide regular way to thin.

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