is sex with an ex a good or bad thing  

alexc169 34M
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7/13/2006 9:20 am
is sex with an ex a good or bad thing

yester day, one of my exgirlfriens poped over, to pic up some dvds, that had been left at mine. she stoped for coffe, and when she was leaveing, for some reason i gave a kiss. not just a pec on the cheek mind, a full on snog. i dont know what had come over me, just an instinctive recation i supose. anyway to cut a long story short, we whent on to have the most, intense mind blowing sex we had ever had togever. now my brain is spining out of controle, was it a bad thing to do?, or was it somthing we should try doing again?. and next time i see her what do i do?, pretend it never happend, or try talking about it. i'll be greatful for any sujestions you might have.

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