lying in wait  

alchemistz9 58M
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5/22/2006 5:30 am
lying in wait

Well, today I thought I'd see if my gardener friend would come back, so I set up my lounger in the garden and got my cock all hard and shiny. I covered my face with a damp cloth to keep it cool in the blazing sun and lay back. Got carried away in a fantasy of being felt up and jerked off anonymously while I kept my face covered. Got so hard thinking about, it was difficult not to masturbate there and then. There was also a work crew repairing drains or watermains on the street and I could hear their voices and was wondering whether they could see me, and if one would wander in "by accident". But in the end, no one showed at all and I finished my session still with my glistening and now quite wet hard on.

Went on line and met up with a gr8 lady from India who loves to get laid and we had a wonderful time and I solved my aching cock problem with a splash of cum.

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