Sexy tears, sexy smiles  

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6/24/2006 6:01 am

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Sexy tears, sexy smiles

This follows on from Sexy eyes, sexy tears

And now she’s snuggled into me, my arm around her shoulder, her face lying on my chest, I can feel the wetness of her tears on my skin, and I stroke her hair and kiss her head and forehead and try to soothe her. I’m lying on my back and my erection is standing forlornly and she’s still got one leg across mine and she reaches down and softly strokes me along the length of my cock….I’ve never gone this far before, she says. It’s ok, I say, we don’t have to. But I want to, she says, but I’m afraid too, I don’t want to it to hurt and when you started to push inside me it felt so tight and I thought – it won’t fit, it’ll tear me and that made me tighter...I’m sorry.
It’s ok, I say again, it’s fine, don’t worry and I’m looking into her face and at last she looks me in the eyes and I smile and she smiles back, and relaxes a little bit and I raise myself on one elbow and look at her now lying beside me, her leg still over mine and I quietly push it off so she’s flat on the bed and I run my free hand from her lips across her face, her cheekbones, down her jawline, I caress her throat and feel the smooth softness of her skin and down her breastbone, visiting her moles as I meet them, and pressing on her breasts, lifting them in the palm of my hand against their natural fall, and watching them fall again, and she grips my cock, but I take her hand and lift it off...not now, not now...wait...wait...and I look for fluff in her bellybutton and dance my fingers into her crotch and push the palm of my hand against her pubic bone and sweep down her left thigh and up again, pressing into her, letting my fingers wander in a little bit and on down her right thigh to feel her knee and on down her leg and back up again and into her…

I’m leaning over her and looking at her face, her open lips, her clean white teeth, her tongue lying waiting, her mouth calling me in, her nose as her nostrils flare and contract as she breathes and as I touch her soft spots, and her eyebrows framing her eyes, her lashes seem to stand out extra long whatever may I’m seeing them, and her eyes upon me, searching me, deep into me, I can feel her probing, looking for something, some answer to a question she hasn’t yet shared with me and I’m allowing myself to fall into her eyes and behind the veil and I can feel this person here with me, and I think how beautiful she is and as I do she smiles and tears well up in her eyes and she slips her arms around me and hugs me tight.

My hand is now enveloped in her wetness and my fingers are playing with her swollen clit and lips and I’m sliding two, now three fingers, into her and out again, and in, and widening them as they come out and go back in, and now four as I lean down and place my mouth on hers, my eyes boring into hers, and she locks onto me and I feel her tongue seeking mine and her jaw working hard against me and it’s like we’re trying to eat each other and our kissing becomes stronger and rougher and now her hands are all over my body, and one is on my cock and she’s squeezing it and pressing it and holding it so tight…. And I drop onto the bed and roll and lift her on top of me and now she’s straddling me and as I remove my hand from inside her she holds my cock and guides it towards herself and I’ve got both hands underneath her buttocks and we’re still kissing and I can feel myself enter her and feel her stiffen and the head of my cock pushes past her lips and I bring my hands around to hold her open and to play with her clit and she’s easing me in and out, in and out, and she is tight, I can feel my foreskin being stretched all the way back and it’s a delicious soreness and then I’m fully in and feel warm and wet and she’s smiling in our kiss and breaks off and hunkers back on me.

Are you ok? She asks. I’m fine, and you? Just great, she says, just great, but very horny, and she starts to work on me, lifting her self up and down on me, slowly then fast, sometimes easy, often hard and rough, and as I masturbate her clit she reaches behind her and holds my balls and I stretch up to feel her breasts and as she grips my balls hard, I pinch her nipple and now she’s leaning over me, she’s sweating and I can see it in her hair, between her breasts, can feel it as her tummy slaps off mine as she rides me faster and harder and she’s panting and there’s a not quite there look on her face, she’s caught up in this moment and while she’s here, she’s also lost in it and abandoning herself to it.

And the hornier I see her being, the more excited I become and I can feel the pressure building and know I’m very close to coming. She’s now half dazed, with a spreading red blush beneath her lovely tanned skin, and her breathing is shallow and fast, and she’s gripping me tighter and tighter inside and feels wetter all the time and there’s a smell of sex that pervades everything and I look up into her face and as I do, I’ve got to let go and close my eyes and fall for being fucked into oblivion and all I’m aware of is the pain, an ecstatic agony centred in my cock but covering my whole being as she thrashes me and then I hear her moan building from a lowness to a full lunged scream and I’m thrusting madly into her as she seizes up around me and shudders and shudders and I come so hard it’s like an electric shock, I can feel it all the way from deep inside me to the tip of my cock and if I wasn’t locked inside her I’d have jumped away...

And now she’s drowsily smiling down at me through more than half closed eyes and though I’m spent, I’m still hard inside her and can feel my semen beginning to leak out of her and she leans her hands on my chest and bends down and kisses me and smiles, and smiles.

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