Red light says stop  

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5/30/2006 3:56 pm

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Red light says stop

I think it does me good, every so often, to crawl into the underbelly of life and see first hand how lucky I am.

I went to the Old City in Lahore, the red light district, and as you'd expect in a city of over 8m people, there's every make and shape and nothing, absolutely nothing that can't be bought.

I saw a guy, maybe 24/25, slumped against a wall opposite Lahore's famous fort, a needle still hanging from his arm and he too out of it to do anything about it, if he even noticed. And I wondered should I go over and take it out myself, but no, that's a dangerous thing to do at 1am in a place like that.

I spoke to pimps who promise every titillation and satisfaction known to man or woman, and even a few that haven't yet been invented I'm sure. These are small men calloused from struggling in sheer poverty to survive in a human cesspit.

And I spoke to prostitutes, young girls with no education, no prospects, no hope and no freedom, some sold by their families, living 10 or 12 to a room and being fucked for peanuts from 7 in the evening till the Bazaar quietens down again around 7 am and you'd think their dark skin would hide the welts and bruises, but it doesn't matter how thick the make-up is, it can't cover up the fear and lack of hope.

And now I sit in my 5* hotel and ask myself what use my feelings and opinions are, I haven't changed anything, or helped anyone. And the answer is I don't know, I just don't know.

But to finish on a positive note, there is in Lahore, in the red light district, a man named Coco, an artist and also a restauranteur. He owns Coco's Den, by now a world famous eating place. You can sit out on the rooftop terraces late, late at night, with the illuminated Fort and Mosque right opposite you, and feast on delicious food.

Coco's mother was a prostitute, and while I haven't met him, it's well known in Lahore and beyond, that he IS a man who changes things and helps people in a real and direct way in the business of life where he lives and carries on his business.

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