For the times they are a'changing  

alchemistz9 58M
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7/4/2006 5:25 am

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7/5/2006 2:51 pm

For the times they are a'changing

Looking back on why I joined here, and what I thought I wanted, I can see how much has changed in 6 short weeks.

I've largely satisifed my curiosity about how bisexual I am and feel very comfortable with where I'm at. I think there must have been a large element of not knowing driving my attraction and thoughts.

I also started out looking for something strictly casual, no committments, no future, no emotional content and found that that's not where I'm at either.

I've rediscovered that connection and the ability to relate are fundamental to my being attracted to someone on anything more than a superficial level.

And now I've met someone here who does all that and more and so things have changed again.

And I'm both excited and nervous about finding out more

VCF1962 106F

7/4/2006 6:58 am

If this appears twice, I apologise ! There's gremlins in them there works today !

Anyhow, I think I said something along the lines of expect the unexpected only in more words !!!

Life really IS like that box of chocolates sometimes !

You'll have to keep us posted though - as one of my official G Spot Groupies, I want all the gory details !!!!

Mistress Innuendo
Taking what you say and turning it into something naughty !!

Mermaidslut 51F

7/5/2006 1:15 pm

oh things have changed a lot for me to, and so has my profile.

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