A beautiful picture  

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6/2/2006 2:19 pm

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A beautiful picture

I said a while ago I would have to come back to the subject of [mermaidslut]'s picture:


What I love about this picture:

It's erotic - pulled open button top - red fabric contrasting with beautiful pale skin

It's suggestive - the lie of one breast revealed, the other hidden - one nipple visible - notice almost afterwards those are her hips and legs in the lower section -

It's teasing - what's underneath - having me want to see those hips, those legs, to slip the top off and see her arms as well

It's alluring - I love to return to it again and again - makes me feel good to come across it on the site

It's linked - first time I really saw it, it was on a post she made teasing me about a post I made and I had to laugh - I don't laugh enough

It's mysterious - who is she? - why did she pick this photo - why this shot? - what's with the red? - what's she saying? - who or what is she reaching to or for? And why?

So, [mermaidslut] once again thanks, thanks for the partiuclar enjoyment I have had from meeting you here on AdultFriendFinder

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