story 5 part one  

rm_alaskanight 40M
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6/15/2006 10:10 pm
story 5 part one

a very sexy lady helped me finish this one so i hope you all like all 3 parts:
We got to the room and the anticipation and joy of seeing you being with you I started to kiss you and you stopped me knowing that wouldn’t and couldn’t stop there and motioned for me to open the door ,after we walked in you closed the door and started to take off your shoes and I turned to you pressed my body to yours pushing you to the door kissing you and you let out a very quiet moan of delight , which made my hands tremble as I slowly started to undress you while trying to hide the ever growing sexual tension ,then I stand there in awe as I looked at your gorgeous body and trembled again hoping you didn’t notice how hard that was making me as I moved you to the be as I kissed you again I pull back the covers and set you down and then you notice how excited I am getting and you start to undress me and running threw my mind is weather to let you or take o ff my own but I surcome to the moment as you take off my close like a kid at Christmas unwrapping her first present . As I stand there with nothing on you motion for me to get in bed with you as you lay down on your back I lay next to you still trembling I run my hand gently and lovingly over your body studying every soft inch of your body .starting at your chest and work my down your stomach as I get to your stomach I lean in to kiss you ever so softly . All the time I were doing that you were getting so hot and wet. kisses got deeper and I could feel that you wanted me as much as I wanted you. I told you that I wanted you and you just smile so I ran my hand down to your smoothly saved pussy and then noticed you were wet with anticipation and slide my finger in and you let out a little bigger moan and start to move your hips around with the movements of my finger as I start kissing you on the neck and move my way down to your chest and lightly kiss your nipple and I notice the goose bumps start to rise on your body as you start to moan wanting more so I suck on your nipples and gently take them in my teeth and bight ever so gently then suck some more as I cures the other one ,then I move down the valley of your chest and work my way to your stomach as the excitement builds ,My heart is beating and the blood is boiling I grab your waist with both hands, and let my tongue start tracing the outline and let my tongue just glide on the outer parts of your sweet vagina lips. I can't wait any longer and must get a taste so I let my tongue part your throbbing vagina and give it long slow deep wet licks. I just have to insert my tongue all the way in and give it a slow firm twirl tasting the inner most parts of your sweet flowing juices as they run down your inner walls. I come up a few inches and slide my hands down your waist to with my fingers I expose your waiting clit. I place my whole mouth over it, suck and catch it between my lips and let my tongue work as you start to moan more and more I now am in need of entering you. The urge to just inter twine my body with your can no longer be ignored. I lay in-between your legs, wrap my arms around you squeeze tight and start to kiss you ever so deeply find my way to your opening but decide to drift upwards and brush against your clit for a few moments , then finally wander back down and very slowly enters into you 1 inch at a time. When I'm finally fully in I move my hips into a circular motion so that I may feel every moist soft spot of your inner walls. I stay fully entered in you motionless as I feel your vagina pulsing and squeezing……… then …….

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