part 3 (turns out this is a long one and lets see how far it goes )  

rm_alaskanight 40M
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6/22/2006 7:00 pm
part 3 (turns out this is a long one and lets see how far it goes )

I open my eyes and between the ultimate feeling of being nested deep
within you or from just being awestruck with your beauty
As I hear you moan “oh yes yes” I quicken my pace move my hips to the left, to the right and in circular motion, then you move to the doggy position while slapping your raised ass. I lean forward ,lock my lips into the center of your back, and reach around with both hands to firmly squeeze your breasts and roll your hardened nipples between my fingers
I feel you tighten up as you are almost ready to cum again and this time I want it to happen together as you move me to the bed and you start ridding me again. I hear you exhale and moan I know what you like, I can read it in your eyes, they are a very clear window to your soul. I can tell what you want, what you need. I happen to have complimenting needs, desires, and wants, and as so will do my best to fulfill yours while fulfilling mine we both meat ecstasy at the same moment .rhythmically moving to your moves ,I then sit up to hold you close to me in a loving embrace as I am still deep in you . then I lay back as you continue to ride me then in as you start ride me harder and your breathing gets heaver and you start to yell out for me to not stop ………………

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