The long awaited meeting  

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4/30/2006 9:06 pm

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The long awaited meeting

We have been talking a while and finally decide to meet. We have exchanged some e-mails and have decided that we both would desire to try some of the things we have talked to each other about.

When we do meet, we hug then kiss, one thing leads to another and the kisses become longer,more intense. Long deep kisses that stir the primal feelings in both of us.Our hands start to wonder over each other bodies, we pull each other closer. I know you can feel my cock growing, hardening as it pushes into your pelvis. I can feel the warmth of your pelvis as we tightly hold each other, your nipples hardening aganist my chest. I do enjoy this feeling.

You wrap your arms around my neck, your body swaying slightly as i feel your breast and nipples and pelvis lightly rub aganist my body. I reach down and rub your body, exploring the feel of your body even though it is still clothed. My hands drop to your buttocks and pull your body even closer to mine, if that is possible. You are still swaying your body slightly and the friction of your body aganist mine is causing your nipples and my cock to become rock hard. I can feel the warmth from your crotch as it increases in temperature.

I raise your skirt and continue to massage your buttocks as we continue to kiss and sway our bodies. I can feel the heat of your pussy as my hands roam your ass and slide down your ass cheeks to your thighs. I reach up and pull your skirt down, we break contact for a few seconds to accomplish this and then we move back together.

We decide to sit down, but as soon as we sit we become lip locked again. My hands start exploring your body again. I run them up and down your body, somehow managing to unbutton your blouse. My hands can know feel your skin, it feels warm to my touch and somehow your blouse slips off your body. You tell me it is not fair that I am fully dressed and you are in your panties and bra. You grab my shirt and pull it over my head and we start to kiss again.

My hands are still exploring your body, I rub them up and down and feel the warmth of your body. My hands massage your breast through your bra. I can feel your tits and the hardness of your nipples. I reach around and unhook your bra, you smile and gently roll your shoulders, causing your bra to slowly ride down your breast. It is wonderful to finally see your breasst and nipples as your bra slowly slips down and reveals them. I lean down and kiss your breast and then start massaging them with my hands, mouth and tounge. I suck your nipples into my mouth, licking and sucking them as my hand massages the other nipple.

I slowly drop one hand down tracing down your stomach, as I continue to massage your tits and nipples with my mouth, tounge and other hand. You reach to unbuclke my belt, I tell you not yet just enjoy. My hand travels slowly down your stomach . I reach your upper thighs and start to slowly drag my fingers on your thighs , making circles on your thighs that are getting closer and closer to your twat.

I can feel the heat coming from your twat as I get closer and closer to your twat. I notice that your legs have spread wider as my fingers get closer and closer. I run a finger up and down your panty covered twat. I apply enough pressure for you to feel my finger tip, I continue to trace the slit of your twat, applying more pressure. I continue yo lick and suck your tits and nipples as I notice your legs are spreading wider and wider.

I notice your panties are starting to show your juices soak through them. I stroke your twat slit faster and faster, massaging your clit and twat lips through the material of your panties.I reach down and lightly pull on your panties, you lift up slightly to help me take your panties off.

I drop on my knees in front of you, I can see your juice leaking from your twat. I move my face closer, inhaling your smell as my tounge licks lightly up your slit.I can taste your juice as I slowly lick your twat up and down. I look up your head is leaning back, eyes closed, your nipples sticking out, rock hard and your legs spread wide.Your juice is slowly seeping from your twat as I return to lick your twat.

My tounge makes contact with your pussylips and I slowly suck each one inside my mouth. Tasting your juice, massaging your pussy lips with my tounge and mouth.I then push my tounge farther in you, licking harder, from your clit downward. I take time to lick and suck your clit and then plunge my toungr farther into your pussy canal. As i explore your canal with my tounge, I use my fingers to rub your clit.

MORE TO CUM (pardon the pun)

I continue to lick and suck your pussy as I use my fingers to explore your hot wet pussy. My fingers rub your slick pussy walls as I massage your clit with my tounge. I continue to suck the juice from your twat and breath in your womanly scent. I look up and see you massaging your breast and nipples with your hands, your eyes still closed as we continue to pleasure your body. I feel the contractions on my fingers, your pussy muscles gripping my fingers.

You open your eyes and say I need to return the favor. You stand up and come up to me and we exchange places. You unbuckle my belt lightly running your fingers down my groin feeling my hard cock. You then sink to your knees and start to unzip my pants. My pants fall to my ankles and you can see my cock straining against my boxers.

You slowly pull my boxers down, my cock springs out as you pull my boxers down. I kick my pants and boxers off. You can see the pre cum on the tip of my cockhead and while looking up making eye contact with me, your tounge slowly licks off the precum. You next lick my shaft, slowly up and down, and then you slowly suck my cock farther and farther into your mouth. As my cock enters your mouth your tounge licks and massages my cockhead as it pushes farther and farther in your mouth.

You continue to suck my cock deep into your mouth, slightly increasing the speed.You then move back a little , letting my cock out of your mouth, and you start licking my cock, moving down to lick and tounge my balls. I love the feeling of your tounge licking my balls.You coninue to lick the shaft of my cock and my balls, then move slightly back up as you suck my cock back into your mouth. You are still keeping eye contact with me and I see yoour mouth swallowing my cock, your tits swaying what an awesome sight.

I place my hands on the side of your head and play with your hair as you increase the tempo, my cock sliding in and out of your mouth. You feel me apply more pressure to your head and you really pick up the speed of your sucking, lightly stroking my balls as my cock continues to br engulfed by your mouth. You can sense that I ready to explode and you suck faster and faster until you feel my cock erupting in your mouth.

I lean back and sit on the couch as you continue to hold my cock in your mouth. After a minute, I reach down and bring you up to the couch and kiss you deeply. We talk for awhile and you are rubbing your hand on my thigh, soon my cock is responding, getting harder as you run your hand up and down my thighs occassionly brushing my cock with your hand.

You reach down and take my semi erect cock in your mouth. The warmth and wettness of your mouth quickly has my cock growing. It feels wonderful as I feel my cock getting harder an harder while in your sweet mouth. You let my cock slip from your mouth and then you move so you can straddle me. As I am sitting you face me, and take my cock in your hand, and slowly lower yourself until my cock is just fractions of an inch from your twat.

You slide back and forth, my cock just barely touching your pussy lips, the feeling is incredible as I feel your juice slowly leak from your twat onto my cockhead. You use my cockhead to massage your pussylips, oh what a wonderful feeling. I can feel the heat from your pussy as you slowly lower yourself onto my shaft. We feel my cockhead pushing past your lovely pussy lips, pushing your lips open as you continue to lower your self on to my shaft. My cock is being bathed by your juices as it goes deeper and deeper into you. Finally I feel my entire cock inside you, my balls can feel your lips resting on them.

You use your inner muscles to squeese my shaft, squeesing and then relaxing your pussy muscles on my cock seems to make it grow harder and longer. You then you place your hands on my shoulders as you slowly start to pump your pussy up and down on my cock. I reach down and massage your clit as you continue to ride me, we both look down and see the wonderful sight of my cock disappearing inside you and then reappearing , appearing wet and shiny coated with your juice.

I lean forward and capture a nipple with my mouth and start to suck and lightly chew your nipple as you continue to ride me. I open my eyes and discover you have taken your other nipple in your mouth and you are sucking it as you ride me. You slowly start to increase the tempo and soon you are pumping faster and faster. I grab you at the waist and start to thrust faster and faster into you, as you continue to ride me. I can feel your juice running from your slit, coating my balls and legs as we continue to pump faster and faster.

We both know we can not last much longer and before I erupt in you, I turn you around. We are now on the floor, you sense what I am going to do and you spread your legs, your ass high in the air as I enter you from behind, doggie style. I feel m cock entering your twat. You massaging my cock with your inner twat muscles as I pump into you. I reach around and massage your tits and nipples, feeling my cock slide in and out of you, feeling you push back as I push forward. mmmmm I continue to pump my cock deep within you, then I am spewing my cum deep within you and I feel you stiffen and your twat clamps my cock as you cum.You turn your head ,We find each others mouth and start to kiss again. You break the kiss and tell me in just a minute you will have dessert. You tell me that you want to lick and suck our combined juice and cum from my cock.

I think this is going to work out very well.

angelofmercy5 60F
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4/30/2006 9:46 pm

Wow! It sounds like a great first meeting!

saddletrampsk 55F

4/30/2006 11:28 pm

Mmmm..very sexy..

rm_alamo1235 replies on 5/9/2006 4:56 pm:
Thank you for the kind comment Saddletrampsk. ;D

cuteNEway 42F

5/1/2006 12:10 am

um the word "twat" is not sexy at all...I was hot until you said that word about 8 times in a row...lost interest.

Oh and as far as my experience and the informal polls I have taken...putting your tounge inside...doesn't do much. You're better off inserting fingers and use the tounge everywhere else.

Good luck with that!

rm_alamo1235 replies on 5/7/2006 11:52 am:
Sorry you lost interest. Thank you for the advice.

JaniSux 46F

5/13/2006 12:15 pm

I have to admit, the word twat is distracting, it did not bother me as much though.

I loved the story. And yesss I have enjoyed being tongued by a man... especially if he can reach different hot spots or being tongued while my clit is being massaged so it can be done.

But everyone has their own likes and dislikes and it show bravery to be able to voice those dislikes, there's nothing wrong with making them known.

I really enjoyed the story Alamo.


rm_alamo1235 replies on 5/13/2006 2:51 pm:
Thank you for your comments I truly appreciate them. I feel that there are some more details I can add and I need to revise some.I am thinking of pulling t off making the revisions adding some and reposting.

Thank you for your helpful suggestion and as I reread it I think I will change some words pussy for twat for example. I do want to thank you esp. for your welcomed constructive criticism. I am always all ears to listen to constructive critic sm.

I will try to make the changes when I get some time. Thanks again.

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