The One person I will never forget  

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The One person I will never forget

The One person I will never forget

Do you have memories of that person that you will never forget because of their impact on your life or the lives of others ?

The person I will never forget is "Aunt Sis", I am sure this is not her real name but this is what everyone called her.. Aunt Sis was not a relative of mine but everyone that knew her or knew of her called her Aunt Sis.

I had the privilege of meeting this person as a child. And this is when I had that special ability as all children do with children's innocence to recognize the truly nice and good people that they meet. She was a good friend of my Grandma's and she was one of those people that made you feel comfortable to be around, did not judge anyone but accepted them for who they were.

I can never remember her complaining, never saying an unkind thing to anyone. She always appeared so happy , always in such a good mood and always was the first one to offer help to anyone that needed it. And I don't mean the often states "Just call if you need anything" .

I remember visiting my Grandma one Thanksgiving. The local newspaper had run an article about kids needing coats for the cold weather. A day later there was an article
about this lady, that had called a school and wanted to know the sizes of the children that needed coats. That afternoon the school got 10 brand new coats for these children, anonymously. They were able to track down the person who had bought them because the coats had the store labels on them.

The store owner told the newspaper people that indeed it was "Aunt Sis" that had come in and bought these coats. When Aunt Sis was contacted by the newspaper and TV to do a story on why she had done that, her reaction was embarrassment. she said she did it because the kids needed to be warm and not to get attention. She never did let them put her picture in the paper or on TV.

I could tell many many stories just like this about "Aunt Sis" who did without herself because a person was down on their luck, and she may not even know this person, but they truly needed something and not just wanted something

Aunt Sis would never let anyone pay her back and would say just put a rose on my grave when I am dead and gone.

Unfortunately Aunt Sis has left us, but I was able to attend her funneral.

The next day on my way out of town I stopped and bought a dozen roses to put on her grave.

I truly wish I had a photo of this because there must have been over a thousand roses on her grave. I had been the one of the last to leave the grave and there had not been any roses the day before.

I had to think that Aunt Sis would have not been happy with myself and the others that left the roses. She would have said I do not need them. But at last Aunt Sis could not say no and we could finally give her something to try and let her know how much we thought of her and all her acts of kindness.

JaniSux 46F

6/28/2006 6:34 pm

Wow... we'd all be lucky if we could meet someone like 'Aunt Sis' but people like her are one of a kind.


- great post alamo -

rm_alamo1235 replies on 6/28/2006 6:37 pm:

This is true, I have also meet a spamer that I will never forget.

I am so lucky to have known both of these very special people.

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