She says she has a treat for me  

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4/30/2006 8:54 pm

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6/6/2007 6:33 pm

She says she has a treat for me

You tell me to scoot forward on the couch,you knell between my legs, your face gets closer and closer to my cock,I can feel you blowing on my cock as your tongue slowly starts to lick the precum off my cock head,I look down and notice you are looking directly at my eyes as you smile and you pop my cock head inside your mouth.

You massage my cock with your tongue as you continue to look in my eyes, your tongue darts and lightly licks the sides of my cock, long and slow licks, up and down the shaft, your fingers very lightly touching and stroking my balls as you continue to lick my cock, you lower your head and smile and start to lick my balls, alternating between my balls and returning to the head of my cock to lick up the precum.

You lightly lick my balls, I groan and you ask is there anything wrong I say no, it just feels wonderful. You lick my balls a little more, then you take my cock into your mouth sucking it in your mouth, playing with it while it is in your mouth, your tongue. You suck me deeply into your mouth, my balls on your chin, my entire cock in your mouth and you start to pump faster and faster.

You then take my cock from your mouth, and take your breast and wrap them around my cock,I start to pump cock between your breast,you start licking the head of my cock each time it pops up between your breast on the upstroke, You then ask me if I am ready. I reply ready?

You smile and tell me to move back on the couch, you stand up and position yourself above me, squatting over me as I am sitting, your hand takes my hold of my cock and you line up your pussy directly above my cock. You lower your self, lower and lower until my cock is just touching your pussy.

You slowly rock back and forth my cock rubbing your slit. I feel your juice start to leak from your slit, you slowly lower your pussy down on my cock I feel your pussy lips being pushed aside as my cock enters you. I can feel the heat the wetness of your pussy as you continue to lower yourself downward until my cock is completely buried in your pussy.

You slowly start to rock on my cock as we start to kiss and i start to rub your tits and nipples. I feel you squeezing my cock with your pussy muscles as you start to ride my cock slowly at first then faster and faster. I now lick and suck your breast and nipples, I take my hand and start to rub your clit as you ride me as I continue to suck your tits and nipples.

What a treat.

JaniSux 46F

5/13/2006 11:36 am

OMG! Alamo this is soooo hot! I'm sorry I hadn't read it sooner.. but I'll be back to read it again and again... In my mind I could see us doing everything you described.


rm_alamo1235 replies on 5/13/2006 11:58 am:

I am glad you enjoyed.

And your comment about being back to reread it, you have me =">

Please Please feel free to.

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