She gives me a massage  

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5/7/2006 7:04 am

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She gives me a massage

Its been a few days since she called me and asked for a massage. She calls and asks me to come over. She says she enjoyed her massage and wants to return the favor.

She starts by giving me a nice hot shower, soaping my body,not allowing me to help as she scrubs me everywhere and then rinses me. She has me step out of the shower and then drys me off.

She has me lay face down on the bed, she starts by straddling my back, leaning forward, gently rubbing and massaging my neck and shoulders. I feel the heat of her naked pussy as she moves up and down on my back rubbing my neck and shoulders. She lightly runs her fingertips down my back, so lightly just barely making contact with my skin. I feel her fingertips and fingernails run up and down my back.I feel her move , her thighs resting on the small of my back, she twists her crotch and I feel the heat of her pussy as she rubs her twat into my back.

I part my legs slightly as she leans forward and uses her nipples to lightly rub my back. I fel moving , shifting her thighs on one of my legs as she continues to rub her nipples down my back. I can feel the heat of her pussy, her juice slightly leaking as she rubs her pussy up and down my leg. My legs spread wider as she uses her fingers to lightly rub my back. tracing down to my buttocks. My legs spread wider as I feel he nipples slowly being dragged down my back and then I feel her tounge licking down my back.

Her tounge continues to lick down my back while she massages my buttocks, rubbing them, then I feel her warm breath, and I feel her tounge drag down to my buttocks. I spread my legs wider as I feel her warm breath blowing on my balls. Her tounge moving from the cheeks of my buttocks to my balls. I feel her breath on my balls and then I feel her tounge licking me. I spread my legs wider and slightly raise my buttocks as she comtinues to lick my balls. I feel her hands running up and down my back and legs as she gently sucks my balls into her mouth. She uses her tounge to massage my balls, still lightly rubbing my body with her fingertips, my balls in her mouth.

I feel my balls slip from her mouth, I raise my buttocks higher, legs spread wider as I feel her tounge lick the side of my cock. Her tounge running up and down, licking my balls and then my cock.

She tells me to turn over. When I do she moves up my body, gently dragging her fingertips down my chest as she drags her tounge down my chest. I spread m legs wider as she moved down to my hard cock. We are both looking into each other eyes as she runs her tounge over my cockhead , tasting the precum leaking from my cock.

She licks my cock up ans down, slightly rubbing my bals as she licks my cock. She licks my inner thighs as she licks back down to my cock and then drags her tounge to my balls. She reaches up and rubs and massages my nipples, our eyes still locked as she kisses my cockhead and then slowly engulfs my cock into her mouth. I watch as my cock disappears into her mouth. She slowly pumps my cock with her mouth, my cock in and out of her mouth as she also lets my cock pop out of her mouth and then licks my cock and balls.

Still making eye contact , she moves up until I can feel the heat of her pussy directly above my cockhead. I feel her take my cock in her hand and place my cockhead at the lips of her pussy. She uses my cockhead to massage her pussylips and then slowly lowers her self onto my cock. The wonderful sensation of her pussylips opening and engulfing mt cock, feeling her hot juicy pussy as my cock slides into her. She continues to lower herself until I can feel her pussylips rubbing my balls.

She slowly starts to ride me, massaging her tits and nipples as she rides my cock.

And how do you like your massage so far she asks me.

LilSquirt_4mfm 68M/68F
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5/7/2006 8:51 am

nice guy ... wow .. you can tell it so it makes others aroused .. nice

i like the "eye contact" ... sexiest thing there is ..... look into his eyes .. . take his cock in hand .....


rm_alamo1235 replies on 5/7/2006 9:43 am:
Thank you for your kind comments.

I truly enjoy the eye contact also.

I am still reading your wonderful blogs. Thank you so much for checking mine out.

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