Ode to Anonymous  

aknightwoarmor 50M
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6/22/2005 5:03 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ode to Anonymous

I received a very sexy email from a female member tonight and it has gotten me a bit horny. That person shall remain anonymous, but you know who you are.

This erotic story is for you anonymous....

It’s been a wonderful day on our private Mediterranean beach. A Villa sits upon the cliff. It is the same Villa that we had looked upon as we played in the waves this afternoon. It is the same Villa where we now have retreated. Upon the balcony of our bedroom we witness a clear night sky, stars twinkling and the moon visible on the horizon. We hear the ocean waves pound against the rocky cliff and see the moonlight dancing on the Mediterranean below. The clean salty scent
of a warm Mediterranean breeze drifts around us. Your hair blows gently around your beautiful face. Our wine glasses are now empty and when we kiss we can taste the wine upon our lips. I lead you into the bedroom. There are candleseverywhere
and the candlelight licks the walls and ceiling as I lay you on the bed. I put on your favorite music and you watch me undress. My slacks slide to the floor and rest beside my shirt. The gentle ocean breeze plays with the thin drapes that lay around the French doors to our patio. As I undress you, I kiss you gently on each spot of newly discovered skin. Our nakedness hypnotizes us. Our sun drenched bodies, soft and brown, glow in the candlelight. I look deeply into your eyes and it is as though we can see into each other’s souls. All that seems to exist is this very moment and we both want it to last forever. I kiss you gently on the neck and then raise my lips to yours. It is a kiss that is only promised. We breathe in the scent of each other as our bodies rub together. My chest is touching yours and you can feel my erect penis against your thigh as our arms hold each other. I cup your breasts and then trace your nipples with my tongue in slow circular motions until I have your nipples in my mouth and am sucking them gently. I am cupping your other breast as I work my way down to your abdomen. I tickle your belly button
with my tongue and then run my hands gently along your sides and down your thighs. You quiver. I smile. I turn you over onto your stomach and I run my fingers down the length of your back and over the roundness of your butt. I brush your
hair to the side and kiss the back of your neck. My long shoulder length hair is tickling your back as I kiss your spine. I lick your ass and then your thighs. I’m turning you over now onto your back again. Your legs are open and I run my fingertips along the inside of your thighs and down to your calves. Back and forth, gentle fingertips playing a magical tune on your legs. I’m now between your legs. My hair is strewn about your pelvis and my face is hidden for a moment. For just that moment, it appears to you as if a woman were between your legs and the thought of that sends a wave of excitement to your clitoris. Your body tingles. You can see my eyes now. They look upon your exposed body and my tongue caresses your vaginal lips………


gab701 62M
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6/24/2005 1:51 pm

I read this over and over again while playing with my cock which got harder and stiffer and grw at least 3 inches. On the third reading it was throbbing like crazy as I stoked it gently up and down, up and down....I exploded and came like I never have before. Had to let you know how mrvelous it was. Will get back to doing it again. Wish I could hear you actually telling this. Maybe someday...

aknightwoarmor 50M
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6/27/2005 2:50 pm

gab....glad you got off man! Not really what I intended, but sounds like good karma to me

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