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6/28/2005 7:42 am

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I went to Daytona Beach over the weekend. If anyone has been there, you probably have seen that "slingshot" ride on the Boardwalk (It shoots you up into the sky). Well, that's me way up there in the sky (see camera phone picture). It was a blast!

BTW, my weekend checklist....

1 - Get Drunk (Check)
2 - Get Happy (Check)
3 - Get Laid (Check)
4 - Catch Some Waves (Check)
5 - Get a Tan (Check)
6 - Go Parachuting (Check)
7 - Get Wet (Check)
8 - Get Crazy (Check)
9 - Get Wild (Check)
10 - Get Laid Again (Check)

Hope everyone had a great weekend

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